Hello June- Tuesday 2nd June

Welcome back everyone and wasn’t the weather at the weekend just simply amazing! I hope you all had your sun cream on and enjoyed being outdoors as much as possible! The one thing, during all of this, that we can’t complain about has to be the weather.

By now, you should all have received an email from school on Friday, outlining a change to our work plans for the remainder of the school year. We hope this works for both you and your children and as always are receptive and invite any feedback that you may have to principal@piercestownns.com

For all of you budding writers/readers out there, J.K. Rowling surprised fans with the announcement of a brand new children’s book which she is publishing in daily instalments on her website for free. If you haven’t heard about this and are looking for some additional reading material, it is definitely worth checking out.

The Illustration Competition:

As well as treating us to her literary prowess, J.K. Rowling has also opened up a competition for an budding illustrators. Here is what J.K. Rowling has to say:

Having decided to publish, I thought how wonderful it would be if children in lockdown, or otherwise needing distraction during the strange and difficult time we’re passing through, illustrated the story for me. There will be suggestions about the illustrations we might need for each chapter on The Ickabog website, but nobody should feel constrained by these ideas. I want to see imaginations run wild! Creativity, inventiveness and effort are the most important things: we aren’t necessarily looking for the most technical skill!

In November 2020, The Ickabog will be published in English in print, eBook and audiobook formats, shortly followed by other languages. The best drawings in each territory will be included in the finished books. As publishers in each territory will need to decide which pictures work best for their own editions, I won’t be personally judging the entries. However, if parents and guardians post their children’s drawing on Twitter using the hashtag #TheIckabog, I’ll be able to share and comment!  To find out more about the Illustration Competition, go to The Ickabog website.

So whether, just for reading or for the competiton, why not go to

for reading: https://www.theickabog.com/read-the-story/

for the competition: https://www.theickabog.com/competition/

And following on with the theme of good weather, here are some ‘Garden Activities’ for all age groups.

Please see below a selection of gardening activities. Your child may enjoy doing a few of these.

Garden Hunt

  • Go on a mini-beast/ animal hunt!  Bring some paper, a pencil, rubber and crayons.  Remember to be very careful and gentle as we don’t want you or the insects to be injured.  Here are some things you can try;
  • Place a bright towel or sheet under a bush/tree/plant and shake gently.  Examine what insects fall onto the sheet.
  • Carefully move rocks / flowerpots etc and see what is living underneath.
  • Sit still near a tree or bushes and watch for birds
  • For an extra challenge you can try to find an insect/ animal;

in the earth / under a flower pot or rock / in or around water/ in or near a tree / in or near a flower / flying in the air / with 4 legs / more than 4 legs / that is black / that is colourful / that is slow / that is fast / that is slimy / that is furry / that is tiny / that is bigger than your nail

  • As you find mini-beasts/animals write their name and draw a quick sketch or take a picture.  Write some describing words beside the picture for later.  Remember to use descriptions such as colour / number / size and  texture.  Take note of their habitat (where they live).
  • Once you have finished your minibeast hunt choose your favourite insect and write or video a report using the descriptive words you thought of.  Younger classes can draw a picture of their favourite minibeast and video or write the descriptive words or a few simple descriptive sentences.  If you prefer you could write a story about your favourite insect.

Here are a few links to some resources;

Identifying trees

  • Children can take rubbings of leaves they find using a crayon and label them.

Make a bird feeder

  • Children can make a simple bird feeder. See instructions below.

Decorate your own tree

As always boy and girls, if you have any images you wish to share, please do not hesitate to send them in to principal@piercestownns.com

And remember, this Friday is ‘Art Friday’!

Keep up the great work. Kind regards, Ms. Walsh 🙂

Happy Friday, Happy June Bank Holiday weekend

Hello everyone, we hope you all have the Friday feeling after the beautiful weather yesterday. We hope the ‘Class of 2020’ managed to mark their ‘COVID-19 Confirmation Date’ in some special way.

Well done to our 6th class children who will complete their ‘Transition Programme from Primary to Secondary School’ this morning – we hope they all have at least ‘two top tips’ gathered from the three sessions.

All families will receive an update from us today via email on a slight change to school work for the remaining few weeks. We hope that it lightens your load and helps the children as they reach their final month of the school year. This will go down as a year to remember for many, many reasons. You and your children should be proud of getting through the last few months, we as a school are VERY proud of you. We can’t wait until we are all back together and we regroup after such a life changing event!

For today, as we enjoy the beautiful weather, why not take a few minutes to encourage your child to be ‘Mindful’.

Loving Kindness Meditation – be in the moment

Or your child might simply enjoy this activity :

Draw what you love!

Ask your child to draw some of the people/places/things that they love. 

Talk to them about what makes them love them so much? Encourage your child to tell those people how much they love them today. 

Use this simple template or any blank piece of paper will do.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and as always, if you wish to share any photos with us from your weekend do not hesitate to send them into principal@piercestownns.com and I will share them on our school blog.

Happy Wednesday 27th May …a day before the day that should have been….

Twas’ the night before Confirmation, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse……….. Unfortunately, we can’t continue to write the rest of this poem as it may have been adapted, as COVID-19 has called a halt to 6th class special day.

However, Confirmation will take place when the time is right and when it is safe for us to enjoy it. I would like however to take this opportunity to thank 6th class for their commitment and preparation this year. The Grandparents Day sticks in my mind as a milestone, where we caught a glimpse of how talented, musical, confident and creative this class are. On this day, we almost pressed the fast forward button in our minds to imagine how Confirmation Day for the ‘Class of 2020’ would be. We were looking forward to the musicians and singers who were going to shine and to the wonderful art that would be displayed all around the Church.

We wish you all good thoughts and wishes for tomorrow Thurs 28th May. Ms. Hearne has given you the day off work and we hope you take the day to enjoy some time with family and friends and mark the day in your own special way. ‘Don’t count the days, make the days count’ – make tomorrow count !!!!!!

As we are coming into ‘School Tour’ season, I thought early finishers today might like to go on a ‘virtual school tour’ . You will travel abroad on this tour boys and girls but you won’t need your passport and your won’t break any COVID-19 restrictions as you travel from the safety of your own homes.

There are webcams galore and activities aplenty to keep any child on the edge of their seat and entertained for a little while.

Don’t forget if you do some of the activities, feel free to email them to principal@piercestownns.com and we can share them on the blog.

San Diego ZooThe San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour! https://kids.sandiegozoo.org/.

If the zoo is not your thing, why not take a ‘virtual tour’ closer to home by exploring the Titanic Experience in Cobh, Co. Cork https://www.virtualvisittours.com/titanic-experience-cobh/

I know there are quite a few Titanic fanatics in Piercestown N.S. – let us know what you thought of this tour by emailing principal@piercestownns.com

Enjoy the school tours boys and girls. Let me know what you think?!!!!

Happy Monday everyone! our last Monday in May!

This week was to be a significant week in the life of our ‘Class of 2020′ , as this Thursday should have seen Ms. Hearne and her class making their way to St. Martin’s Church for their Sacrament of Confirmation. Similar to our Holy Communion class, this special occasion for the school and their families is currently postponed. We are in constant contact with Fr. O’ Reilly to find out any update as soon as we can so that you and your families can plan ahead for your special day to take place in the future! Until then, I ask that you use the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit, to continue to help guide and support you through these unprecedented times.

Your courage, wisdom, understanding and right judgement have been significant factors in assisting you to save lives in our country and you the ‘Class of 2020’ will be forever commended for that! Keep up the great work!

To keep us focussed and distract us from any potential upset, this week, sees the ‘Class of 2020’ take part in a transition programme to help prepare them for the move to secondary school. This will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.30am! Don’t forget to join us! We look forward to seeing you online for this!

For the Early finishers this week: pick from some of the following range of activities:

For those of you who love a challenge this is a great website for puzzles:


Two that caught my attention if you want to give them a go were as follows:

The Puzzle:

Birthday cupcakes

When asked about his birthday, a man said:

“The day before yesterday I was only 25 and next year I will turn 28.”

This is true only one day in a year – when was he born?

Click here to check your solution https://www.mathsisfun.com/puzzles/birthday.html

or this one

Find a number with its letters in alphabetical order.

Example: “five” has “fiv” in alphabetical order, but not “e”.

Click here to check your solution: https://www.mathsisfun.com/puzzles/alphabetical-order.html

If you are feeling a bit more artistically inclined today why not try to recreate these two drawings:

One of a local sight – that of a cow

The other – a non local tourist attraction, that we hope to see again in the future – The Statue of Liberty

Finally, if you feel like something mindful, why not give making your own ‘homemade lava lamp’ a go:

And for those who want to listen to a story:


Have a lovely day boys and girls and I will be back to top up the early finisher activities midweek. Don’t forget as always, feel free to send in any photos of your work to principal@piercestownns.com

A gentle reminder to email in the Active Week record charts to your teachers this week, so that we can get all of the certs in order to be sent out.

Chat soon, Ms. Walsh 🙂

Happy Friday…..

And in the blink of an eye it’s ‘Friyay’ again! It is simply hard to believe that we are moving into the last week of May. I hope you all had a good week this week and managed to balance the life work challenge that faces us all.

This weekend would be the start of the exciting build up for one class in particular, that of 6th class, as their Confirmation date was planned for this Thursday 28th May! With the ‘testing week’ over, we would have been facing into a week of rehearsals, choir practice and even school tour season was due to kick off! But alas, all is postponed. All we can do is remain positive in our mindset and steadfast in the certainty, that as a country we are saving lives and keeping a virus at bay.

In our efforts to keep 6th class distracted and remind them that they ARE our ‘Class of 2020’ and will not be forgotten, we will begin their ‘Transition Programme’ to secondary school this week on Zoom. New beginnings are on the horizon and remember when the storm passes, an exciting new venture lies ahead.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend boys and girls. Don’t forget to email in your Active Week record sheets by this Fri May 29th and your Active Week Certificate 2020 will be emailed out to you. Try and relax over the weekend and we will be back on Monday to connect with you all again. We miss you very much and congratulate you and your families for getting through each and every day.

Here is a throw back to SNAG 2020 with 1st class giving a rendition of ‘Babaí Siorc’ – enjoy!

Here is a throw back to keeping the ‘DREAMM’ alive singing ‘Fáilte Isteach’ by Wexford composer Sue Furlong, (who passed away in 2018), shortly before we closed our school doors.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Be kind and be safe! Chat soon, Ms. Walsh

Mid Week – Let’s Try some Maths Mania

For the early finishers for the rest of the wek, we are moving from Literacy to Maths. These challenges are suitable for 3 different age groups so there is something for everyone! They can be done on your own or with members of your family.

Go on …give them a go! Don’t forget to let us know how you get on by emailing principal@piercestownns.com

For our younger classes:

For our middle classes give this Maths on the Move a go:

And for our senior classes, try this out……

Have fun giving these Maths challenges a go over the next few days boys and girls. I will check back in on Friday to wish you a nice weekend.

Monday 18th May ….time rolls on ….

Morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and got some time to get a break from work and homeschooling. Today marks, phase 1 of the re-opening of our country amidst the recent pandemic. The main message is for the majority of us to still remain at home. Fingers crossed, as the weeks progess, that a ‘new normal’ is on the horizon for us, where restrictions are eased and we can begin to return to some more human interaction.

Well done to our Holy Communion class on marking their ‘special day’ over the weekend. Special thanks to Fr. O’Reilly for the lovely words at mass yesterday for all those who managed to tune in on the webcam. We look forward to planning for your next special date when we return to school after the summer.

Here is WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPENING THIS WEEK at Piercestown National School …….

This week should have been our standardised testing week in school for all classes from 1st to 6th class, but obviously there are no tests taking place this year as a result of the pandemic. Don’t fear though! School reports will be still be issued before the end of this school year and while they will be slightly different to previous years, we hope they will give you a good account of how your child/children progressed through the school year 2019-2020 up until school closure on March 12th. You will receive information from us in June with regard to school reports.

For those of you who are looking for some extra work for the next few days, the links and activities are as follows:

Book Dominoes Activity – here is one for ALL ages, as younger children can be helped by older brothers and sitsters/ parents and older children can give this one a go by themselves.

To access this activity, click on the download button and the page should appear for you*. The instructions are as follows just in case it won’t open:

What you need: at least 10 books

Gather a selection of books from your own book shelf, your school bag, family members.

Place all the books cover face down.

Take the book on the top pile and place it down face up.

Pick the next book. Try to find a reason for it to be connected, maybe it is an illustration on the cover, maybe something in the title that connects them, maybe it is the colour of the book, the author or illustrator.

If you can’t find a connection with the next book, set it to the side and try again later. Remember, when you have two books down your third book could go on either side of the two books.

Try to be as creative as you can.

Why not take a picture and send it into, principal@piercestownns.com and we can see if we can figure out your connections from your photograph?!!!

And our links focussing on literacy for the next few days are as follows:

Junior and senior infants – revise your sounds and phonics with this fun interactive website https://www.ictgames.com/phonicsPop/index.html

1st class give your spelling a go with this fun link:


1st / 2nd class why not try these word searches for fun: https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/phonicFinder/index.html

3rd/4th class – give these spelling a go for fun: http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/lcwc/index.html

5th/ 6th class explore the intricites of writing as a journalist with this link http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/viewing/L935/index.html

Have a lovely day everyone and keep any photos coming in to stay connected when we are apart! Keep up the great work. Kind regards, Ms. Walsh

And it’s Friday !!! Again!

This weekend boys and girls I want everyone to give a special shout out to Mrs. Corrigan and her boys and girls of 2nd class. They were due to have their special day tomorrow, Saturday 16th May but unfortunately this had to be postponed. They are a credit to themselves and their parents for how they are so positive and sent each other lovely cards to mark their special day. Well done 2nd class!

Myself, Fr O’Reilly and Mrs. Corrigan look forward to the big day when we return to school. As soon as we have a date, we will let your parents know! Meanwhile, on Saturday hopefully this will provide you with a reminder that the best is yet to come!

Check out a few photos sent into us this week! There will be no prizes for guessing who this painting is of! And how fitting as we await a further update over the weekend….Well done to Séan in 2nd class!

Well done to these two ladies who were working on letter writing this week. Fantastic work! What better way to keep in touch with people during the COVID-19 pandemic! Well done girls! Keep up the great work!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and we look forward to hearing from you next week. Take care and stay safe.

Mid Week Mania – Wed 13th May

Hi everyone. It is hard to believe that our school building was closed 2 months yesterday and in terms of school life we have been working hard at school from home for 32 days now. Well done to all of the boys and girls for their super efforts and to the parents for working alongside you. We really appreciate your efforts and couldn’t do this without you!

For our early finisher activity today, I am uploading a competiton for all from Woodies!


Terms and conditions of the competition are as follows:


Best of luck everyone! Wouldn’t it be amazing for someone’s dream to come true from Piercestown N.S.

Some links for early finishers today:

For the senior classes, why not try an hour of code (if you haven’t used all your screen time up! ) https://hourofcode.com/ie/learn

For 1st and 2nd class go to page 4 of this book and ‘Decode the County’ This is a great activity book with lots to do. https://www.anpost.com/AnPost/media/PDFs/ImagineNation-Playbook-April-2020.pdf

For junior and senior infants , let’s try some counting, matching and ordering with the Gingerbread man. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/gingerbread-man-game