And it’s back to Monday morning!

Calling all 1st – 6th class children who watch TV?!!!!

Today, RTE are beginning their ‘classroom teaching’ for the first day. This is aimed at children from 1st to 6th class. Why not try this out today. Us teachers are dying to see it in action too!

The Department of Education are supporting the new initiative along with RTÉ in order to help primary school children continue their learning from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Start date: The one hour programmes will start from Monday the 30th of March 2020 and they’ll run for 1 hour between 11am – 12pm, Monday to Friday. If you miss it, it can be accessed at anytime on the RTE player.

In addition to the pogramme, there will be a shorter catch up programme that will air in the afternoon time at 4.15pm. RTE Home School Extra is an opportunity

Teachers will be presenting each lesson from a school classroom.

The new programme will be made available on the RTÉ Player. On you will be able to access supporting worksheets and other learning material.

Junior Activity – Shadow drawing

Hopefully the sun will shine today, why not take some of your toys outside and give some shadow drawing a go…..just like this

Senior Activity – choose on activty from the grid to complete

Senior Link – Bí ag caint as gaeilge – Is fearr Gaeilge briste na Béarla Cliste – (Broken Irish is better than clever English!)

Why not revise some Gaeilge today using

Junior Link

Read along or listen to the story ‘The Whale that ate Everything!

Have a lovely day everyone and as always, if you want to share send something on to

Coming together by sharing!

Check out some of the fantastic work completed by boys and girls this week in Pierestown N.S.

We have a brilliant purple day collection, with an amazing acrostic poem on Epilepsy in the background below:

We have some avid lego makers, attempting to complete the 30 day challenge – check out Seán’s ‘Wild Owl’ below

And finally, fun Friday brought us to the ‘Zoo’ from the safety or our houses!

Check our Emily and Chloe’s illustrations of their favourite animals! Well done girls!

What brilliant work! Remember, if you want to come together by staying apart, send us in some of your photos on

I will keep uploading them as they land!

Have a lovely weekend,

Be kind and be safe,

Ms. Walsh

Fun Friday March 27th

Today’s activity is a fun one, aimed for all class levels.

Junior /Senior

Get creative! Make 3D model of your favourite zoo animal – you could use lego, plasticene, cardboard or whatever else you can find!   

Our link for today is also aimed at both levels but with a different activity following it for the Junior end of the school and the Senior end.

Junior/Senior Link Dublin Zoo Webcams

Tune in live to the African Savanna to see ostrich, giraffes, rhinos and zebras.  Elephants can usually be seen around 10:30am and 12:30 pm. Watch penguins eat their lunch at 2:30pm daily.

Junior activity

Draw a picture of your favourite zoo animal and dictate a sentence/write a short sentence about it

Senior activity

Research and create a factfile on your favourite zoo animal

Have a lovely weekend boys and girls, and take a well earned rest! Remember ‘Be safe and be kind!’

Kind regards, Ms. Walsh

Together but Apart – Craftwork

Check out Mrs. Caldicott’s handiwork today to celebrate both World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st) and Purple Day (March 26th) with her beautiful crochet.

She has aptly named it ‘Together but Apart’ which is very appropriate to our current situation! Note her purple sewing bag to tie in brilliantly with Purple Day!

The odd number of circles represents the extra chromosone for World Down Syndrome Day and the Purple represents Purple day today.

What a piece of art! Such talent. Thanks to Mrs. Caldicott for this lovely creation!

Don’t forget if you wish to have a piece of work displayed on the blog send it to

26th March 2020 Epilepsy Awareness Day

Piercestown National School have got involved in ‘Purple Day 2020’ in a slightly different way this year. From the comfort and safety of our homes to yours, we are increasing awareness about epilepsy. Today, we mark ‘Purple Day’ by turning our website purple to increase awareness.

Why not get involved at home, you too can increase awareness about epilepsy. Check out this morning’s blog of activities that you can do from the comfort of your own home, all the while continuing to raise awareness for epilepsy.

Let’s try making this the biggest and best purple day yet!!

Thursday 26th – Purple Day – Epilepsy Awareness Day

To mark Purple Day, or World Epilepsy Awareness Day- let’s get busy with all things purple today. Put the technology away and let’s get ready to:

Junior Activity

  • Make a purple handprint
  • Do a scavenger hunt and find 10 purple things at home
  • Use purple fingerprints to paint a bunch of purple grapes
  • Build a purple lego tower
  • Make a purple giant out of purple playdoh

Senior Activity

  • Take the alphabet and list as many words as you can associated with the word purple
  • The answer is purple. Write 5 possible questions ?
  • Do a scavenger hunt and find 10 purple things at home
  • Use purple fingerprints to paint a bunch of purple grapes

Junior Technology Link

Watch the two clips about epilepsy. Chat to your mam and dad about the videos.

What do the kids think about epilepsy?

Senior Technology Links

Have you ever heard of epilepsy?

Watch the junior links above.

Check out how we marked epilepsy awareness day last year.

Write down how you would design a video to mark Purple (Epilepsy Awareness Day )

Get your mam and dad to take a video of your plan at home. You could be the next Steven Spielberg!

Get your parents to email them to if you wish to share

Keep an eye out for this year’s video!

Have a good day everyone!

Work it out Wednesday

One for everyone! -What a way to wake yourself up on Wednesday?!

Why not wake up on Wednesday with a work out by Joe Wicks (personal trainer) It can be watched live at 9am or if the kids are not up by then/don’t have access to online yet, it can be caught up on later.

Our links today are based around Maths for Juniors (infants to 2nd class) and literacy for Senior (3rd to 6th class)

Don’t forget as always, send us some photos if you want to be uploaded to the blog! Have a lovely day!

Junior Link

Have you got Maths eyes 3 D shapes

Senior Link

Today is all about ‘boggle’

You can go online to generate the letters but you need pencil and paper to play along. Here are the rules :

Boggle Word Game Rules
Generate new word board

  1. The game requires a minimum of two players with no maximum. It is recommended for ages 8 and up.
  2. The goal of the game is have the highest point total. To gain points, players must create words from the randomly assorted letters in the cube grid. The longer the word, the higher the point value of the word, according to Boggle rules.
    Boggle Gameplay 3. Each person must have paper and pencil. Ensure all 16 letter cubes are present in the cube grid. Cover the grid with the dome and shake the cubes. When you are satisfied the cubes have been mixed thoroughly, turn the grid and dome right-side up and gently shake the cubes into place, ensure all cubes have one side face up. Start the timer at the same time the dome is removed from the grid.
  3. Game play should be silent, and each player should be creating his or her own words on his or her own paper. Ensure that your paper cannot be seen by the other players.
  4. Words should be created by using adjoining letters – the letters must touch each other – and must be able to connect to each other in the proper sequence to spell the word correctly. The letters may join in any direction – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This means that the letters can be above or below, side by side, or touching corners. Words can be spelled in any direction, including backwards.
  5. You may not use a letter cube multiple times in a single word. Any word found in a standard English dictionary is permissible, so long as it is not a proper noun (i.e.. you cannot use names of people or places).
  6. When the timer runs out, players must stop writing words. Players take turns reading the words they have made, and all players cross matching words off their list. Only words that no other player created are scored.
  7. Scoring and Winning- No. of Letters | Points per Word 3 | 1 4 | 1 5 | 2 6 | 3 7 | 5 8+ | 11
  8. Tips for Game Play 10. Multiple meanings of the same word do not earn multiple points.
  9. Variations of spelling for a word (even if it does not change the meaning) are counted as individual words. If you are able to create both words, ensure you write down both variations. In the same manner, plural and singular words are separate, and should both be written and scored if they can be created.
  10. The “Qu” cube counts as two letters. Common words will likely be found by all players, but that does not mean you should not write it down