Green School

Ms. Taylor and Ms. Sinnott have taken on the task of filling Ms. Barrett’s green shoes this year 2017/18, and have taken over reigns of the Green Schools committee. Both Ms. Sinnott and Ms. Taylor have been busy working behind the scenes with the pupils on the Green Schools committee in the journey towards our next green flag.

The Green Schools theme for this flag is ‘Global Citizenship’ and the current committee have been working hard all year towards raising awareness about litter and waste, energy conservation and working towards a cleaner, greener environment. This theme enables schools to discover how Green-Schools work has positively influenced people and environments worldwide while revising the previous Litter and Waste theme. This would be our 6th flag for the school – a huge achievement!!

A huge well done to the pupils on our committee who have been working hard this year – Donal and Ben in 2nd class, Kate and Alex in 3rd class, Leanne and Charlie in 4th class, Elizabeth and Luke in 5th class and Melissa and Conor in 6th class.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Green Schools blog (and on our Green Schools noticeboard if you are in and around the school) over the coming weeks to see for yourselves, the work that has gone in so far this year, and for further updates on how we will keep working towards making our school and global community a cleaner, greener place for all.




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Green School Application for Flag Number Four has been submitted on 21st March 2014. Hopefully we will soon hear some good news! In the meantime, please continue to come to school in a green way. Thank You for your co-operation!

“Come to School a Green Way
Make Pollution go Away”

SLOGAN: Many thanks to all the boys and girls for their efforts in composing a slogan for our Travel Theme Green Flag No Four. The winning slogan is at the top of this page. Other excellent suggestions for slogans included:

“Save Fuel, Carpool”

Car Pool, Cycle, Walk or Bus
Go Green, Don’t Make a Fuss

Bar the Car, Ban the Van,
Walk to School as Quick as You Can!

Be Cool, Use Less Fuel
Coming to Schoool

THURS, 13th FEB: Ciara Hanrahan, Green School Facilitator, will visit our school on Thursday, 13th Feb to review our work in promoting green ways of coming to school. We encourage everyone to make a special effort to come to school in a green way on Thursday morning. Why not WALK, CYCLE, CAR POOL, PARK and STRIDE or take the BUS? Wear a Hi-Viz jacket to school that morning.

Fifth Class pupils enjoyed a lesson in composting from Master Composter Chris Culleton on Wednesday, 4th December. Chris demonstrated many ways of composting in the arboretum. He also showed the class a Wormery and talked about food waste.

Ciara Hanrahan, An Taisce Green School Facilitator, visited First – Sixth Class in our school on Thursday, 21st November. She will taught the pupils about ‘Peak Oil’.

Fifth Class had a workshop on Wednesday, 27th November. Mr Gerry Foran, Constructive Waste Company, spent the day with the pupils and together they made and constructed objects from cardboard boxes. They made boomerangs, hurls, jellyfish, burgers and other objects. This was to promote greater awareness of recyclable materials and to encourage students to make recycling part of their lifestyle.


Green Flag Number One: Litter and Waste Management (2006-08)
Green Flag Number Two: Energy (2008-10)
Green Flag Number Three: Water Conservation(2010-12)
We are now working on Green Flag Number Four “TRAVEL”. Pupils are encouraged to come to school in a greener way, such as, walking, cycling, car pooling, bus, park and stride.
Every Wednesday is WOW (Walk on Wednesday) day, so we particularly encourage everybody to make a special effort that day every week. Over 200 pupils and parents walked from St Martin’s GAA Centre in May 2013 on our first WOW day.

"What we need are more people who specialise in the impossible." (Theodore Rooseveldt)

“What we need are more people who specialise in the impossible.” (Theodore Rooseveldt)

BATTERIES can be recycled in school every day. NEWSPAPERS and CLOTHES may be brought to the Recycling Centre beside the church in Piercestown.
The Green Committee includes pupils from Second to Sixth Class together with our principal, Mr Eamonn Barrett, parent Roz Moran and caretaker Mr Christy Hynes. Mrs Mary Barrett is our Green School Co-ordinator.

Pupils are encouraged to come to school in a green manner on FREAKY FRIDAY, 25th October, the day we get our mid-term break. In particular, we suggest that pupils dress up in Halloween clothes, meet at the centre around 9 am and walk to school. Parents are invited to come along and walk with us. This will launch FEET FIRST FRIDAYS and pupils are encouraged to come to school in a green way every Friday, as well as WOW days every Wednesday.

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