Active Schools Flag


The Active Schools Flag journey has lots of elements to it. As the saying goes:

“Every journey begins with a single step”…….Here are some of the steps that Piercestown National School have taken to become an Active School. 

Active School Committee – each year since 2014 an Active School Committee has been put in place. There is always HUGE interest in this committee, so much so, that we designed our own application form as a means of selection. Children from 3rd-6th class form the Active Committee and are involved in all parts of the Active Schools process throughout the year. Their success is measured by their ability to involve all children from Junior Infants to 6th class in our Active Schools Journey. Regular meetings our held and jobs are delegated to the committee at each meeting and a record of the minutes are kept. We have been blessed from the very first committee established at Piercestown. We hope to be fortunate enough to invite the first ever committee members back once we have been successfully awarded our flag! You never know, we might even get one of them to raise the flag for us!

Active Schools Noticeboard

An Active Schools noticeboard is a central meeting and information point for the Active Schools journey. This is where notification of meetings, events, activities etc. are located. It is a focal point for the children and an information point for the parents and wider community also. The Active committee play an integral part in the design and upkeep of this board. Our Active Schools noticeboard is located around the corner from the main office and beside Ms. Walsh’s office.

Active Schools Slogan – “Walk, run, jump or skip, Come on Piercestown Let’s Get Fit!!”

Every good company, has a motto. With that in mind, we set about organising a competition to find a winning slogan that would soon roll of the tongue of every boy, girls and staff member at Piercestown National School.

Our winning slogan (give us a drum roll) is ‘Walk, run, jump or skip, come on Piercestown, Let’s Get Fit!!!’  Why not give it a go when we chant it at some of our Active School events.

Active School Week

A key element of the Active School process, is the hosting each year of an Active Schools Week. You can check out the section called ‘Active Schools Week’ and have a look at just some of the events that have taken place over the last 3 years. Ranging from yoga to athletics, taekwondo to creative dance, there literally is some activity for EVERYONE in Piercestown National School.

Raising Awareness  of our Active School Journey

In order to be a recognised Active School,a whole school and whole community approach must be taken. Therefore, it is important for us to relay our progress/ events/ activities to the school community and wider community. We do this every month, via our newsletter , the ‘Piercestown Post’. We also have updated our school website with our four new sections, Active Schools Flag, Physical Education, Physical Activity and Active Schools Week. Staff are kept abreast of all activities via our internal messaging system Aladdin.