Senior Infants

Ms. Susan Ryan is  our Senior Infant teacher for the year 2022 / 23. The boys and girls have settled really well into their bright new classroom and are having lots of fun learning together.

Stay tuned to keep up to date with our goings on and to view our movies, photos and highlights!! 🙂

October 2022

Senior Infants had lots of fun in Sep and October – from Jersey Day to Autumn art and of course our spooky Halloween antics!!! Take a look at some of our highlights. 🙂

Miss Ryan x

School Tour June 2022

Senior Infants had an amazing day at The Irish National Heritage Park on June 21st 2022. The sun was splitting the trees and we walked the little legs off ourselves while learning about The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We learned about the Vikings, crannógs, burial sites and how they lived and worked in the past. We played in the playground, met all the birds of prey and had a delicious hot lunch, not forgetting about some of the children’s favourite part – the bus ride!!!! Have a look at some of the highlights of our day!

Miss Ryan x

Senior Infants School Tour 2022

Active Week 2022

The boys and girls of Senior Infants had a fantastic Active week!!! We were on the go non stop with various activities and topped off with an amazing Sports Day. Gymnastics, athletics, stretch n grow, dancing, rugby, water safety, lunchtimes leagues, GAA and walk a mile to name a few! The children had great craic and threw themselves completely into the spirit of it all.

Check out our highlights from the week below.

Active Week 2022

PWS Awareness Day 2022

On Thursday 26th May Piercestown NS celebrated Orange Day (May 27th 2022) to raise awareness of Prader-Willi Syndrome. The boys and girls of Senior Infants went all out. We wore orange, ate orange treats, painted and coloured orange themed art and educated ourselves on Prader-Willi Syndrome. Teresa decorated the classroom with an array of orange balloons and we thoroughly enjoyed our day while learning more about PWS and celebrating our friend Henri.

Febuary 2021 – Dance Collab

Another month learning from home – BUT we got the good news that we are going back March 1st – Monday! And we are all SO excited!!! I can’t wait to see all the boys and girls and hear all their news! This month instead of our usual photos we did a collaborative dance in our own homes until next week when we can all dance together again!!!

See you soon! Miss Ryan x

January 2021 – Working from home

January didn’t arrive with the news we had hoped for and – as per Government and Department guidelines; we didn’t get to open up the school after Christmas….BUT we have been here before so we knew what we were embarking on and parents, children and teachers embraced distance learning once more. The boys and girls of Senior Infants have worked so hard this month – completing and uploading assignments on Aladdin Connect, participating in regular Zoom lessons and posting videos, voicenotes and photos in response to creative and interactive activities on SeeSaw. Yoga, making bird feeders, completing scavenger hunts and sharing your news – the engagement, interaction and enthusiasm has been second to none and I am so proud of you all. Here are just a few photos of you all working hard so you can see what your friends have been up to at home as well. Hope to see you all in the classroom again soon – til then, I’ll see you on Zoom. 🙂

Miss you all, Miss Ryan xx

December 2020

Finishing off term One with a bang!!!

What a busy month we had! In Aistear this month the children had great fun in Santa’s workshop – wrapping parcels, writing labels and letters, drawing maps and delivering presents all over the world! In construction the children enjoyed building tall towers and interesting buildings. We did loads of Winter and Christmas art – enjoying cutting, sticking, printing and painting. In SESE we looked at the North and South poles, endangered animals, arctic explorers and Christmas around the world.

We had a new classmate – Kimber the elf who got up to lots of mischief and caused great excitement popping up in different areas of the classroom and school! We completed ’12 Days of Fitmas’ and a Christmas dash, had a pyjama movie party and rehearsed and performed for our Virtual Christmas Carol Service and Nativity. All this on top of our usual English, maths and gaeilge!

Above all, I feel very proud of how great the children have behaved, rowed in and stayed positive and eager throughout what has been a very unusual first term for any class. Check out our December fun and games below. Looking forward to welcoming all the children back in January!

Miss Ryan x

November 2020

We had a really fun November – apart from Science week we had lots of Aistear, imaginative play and construction. In Aistear this month we studied the Café and the children had lots of fun baking and taking orders. We made our own paper plate pizzas and popped them in our very own pizza oven! The children created restaurants out of blocks and ‘magnatiles’ and we had great fun drawing and labelling food.

November flew by and now we look forward to Silly Season and a fun and festive December!!!

Have a peep at all our play fun!

Science Week 2020

Why can you never trust an atom? They make up literally EVERYTHING!

We had a crazy busy Science Week in Senior Infants with lots of experiments, exploring and investigation! We discussed estimation and how best to do it. We watched a programme examining germs and how easily they can spread (hot topic at the moment! :-)) We looked at the weather, mixing colours and how humans have super powers they may not be aware of and we carried out numerous experiments!

How do you organise a space party?? You Planet!

We investigated forces and sound; its properties and how it passes through various materials. We identified loud sounds and soft sounds; went on a sound walk and played sound bingo with familiar sounds! In a STEM activity we designed and created our own structures using mini marshmallows and cocktail sticks! We investigated the absorption properties of kitchen towel and how water can walk into an empty glass! We had a Zoom bubble workshop online where we learned so much science about bubbles and how amazing they are! We then had our own bubble fun and tried our best to make GIANT bubbles! We saw how humans can have super strength at times and leading from this we investigated how strong eggshells could be – and we were very surprised by the results!!

I would make another chemistry joke, but all the good ones Argon!

Have a look at our Science week fun below…

Miss Ryan x

October 2020

We all had a great October! We celebrated our September class of the month win with a Pizza Party and a movie. Among other things we looked at Autumn, Harvest and Halloween traditions as well as going on nature walks and discussing fire safety. In PE we had tons of fun perfecting our GAA skills with the coaches, dancing, singing and shooting some baskets! We shared our news, read spooky stories and wretched rhymes; created loads of ‘spooktacular’ art – mixing paint colours, drawing haunted houses, and constructed our own ghoulish ghosts!

We had Maths week where we worked really hard using our maths eyes and creating new math games with fun prizes and treats all round! We finished the month off in spooky style with our Freaky Friday dress up day, trick or treats and a monster movie! Check out our October highlights below!

Miss Ryan 🙂

September 2020

We had an amazing September and a great start to the school year – exploring our new classroom, settling into Senior Infants and getting to know each other. We had loads of fun doing art, playing outside and getting back into the routine of a school day! In SESE we studied school and the home – as well as learning about ourselves and what makes us all different, special and unique! We studied primary colours and the colour wheel and worked really hard on our sounds and tricky words in literacy!

Proving how hard we worked and to finish the month off in style, we became joint Class of the Month for September with Sixth Class – meaning we got to celebrate with a fantastic Pizza Party at the start of October where we watched a movie and enjoyed lots of tasty treats!

First Class 20 / 21…

Science Week 2019

November 2019

December 2019

January 2020

February 2020

March 2020

Incredible Edibles 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Incredible Edibles Family Challenge!

​Incredible Edibles is a healthy eating project normally availed by primary school teachers. However, in light of the current global pandemic, with schools closed and most of the Irish public in home isolation, the Incredible Edible team decided to open it up to all parents to aid in at home learning, while also giving you an opportunity to win some prizes!

​This is a fun and educational curriculum linked horticulture project, that will get your children thinking and learning all about how your food goes from field to fork!

If you wish to take part in the family challenge click the button below for more information.

April Distant Learning

May Days 2020

Distant Learning

June 2020

Incredible Edible Journal Entry

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