Senior Infants

Ms. Tracey Rea is  the teacher for Senior Infants for the school year 2019-2020. Ms. Rea is joined in her classroom by Lena Foley, a member of our SNA team in Piercestown NS. The boys and girls have settled really well into their new classroom and are having lots of fun learning.

Take  a look at our monthly movies, it is just a little glimpse of all the things we are learning about and most importantly all the fun we are having!

September 2019

Exploring our new classroom and settling into Senior Infants.

October 2019

The children had a spooktacular month this month. Take a look if you dare!

Science Week 2019

The boys and girls in Senior Infants put on their lab coats this week and became scientists as part of Science Week 2019. They had so much fun investigating, exploring and experimenting throughout the week.

The aim of Science Week is to create an awareness and interest in the area of science and also to encourage the children to become fascinated by the world we live in.

November 2019

The children explored fairy tales through Áistear this month, from Jack in the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears to the Three Little Pigs. Mr. Murphy taught the children all about patterns and how to use our ‘Maths Eyes’ and see patterns all around us. The children learned all about the Post Office in Áistear in preparation for writing and sending Christmas cards and Santa’s letter in December. We even posted a letter to Ms. Taylor’s Junior Infant class.

December 2019

The children had a super exciting December. The boys and girls in Senior Infants performed the Nativity in the church this year with the help of the amazing choir. The children worked so hard learning all their songs, actions and places for their performance. They should be super proud! Donkey stole the show and gave everyone a big smile on the night! December was topped off for us by our visit to Wheelock’s farm, to see the big man himself, Santa Claus! What an experience we all had. Happy Chirstmas to all the boys and girls. See you in the new year.

Miss Rea x

January 2020

What a month January has been. Senior infants returned after Christmas and got straight back into business. They have been working very hard this month. The children have been exploring and learning loads of new things. We also have had some very busy doctors this month in our Áistear area.

February 2020

Senior infants were learning all about the vets this month as part of their integrated learning through play time in Aistear. As part of this learning experience the children welcomed some of their very own pets into the classroom. Each pet was different and the children learned something new with each visit. This was such a fun and memorable learning experience. Many thanks to all the parents for their cooperation. But most importantly a huge shout out goes to Coco, Molly, Fish Two, Conor, Brodie, Blue, Bali, Rosie, Callie, the birds , hens, Ruby and Gizmo!!

March 2020

March 2020 was a month that will go down in history for may reasons. For us, it was the month that our school closed their doors to our principal, teachers, and all of our school staff and children. But not before we got to create some fun memories together in Senior Infants. We had been learning all about the farm and Spring time. Not to forget, we won class of the month for the second time running this year. We had our pizza party and movie treat to go wit that too. Here are some of our March memories that should put a smile on your face.

Incredible Edibles 2020

At home, the boys and girls in Senior Infants have successfully continued to embrace the Incredible Edibles Project that they started in school in February. They have done this by planting their own vegetables, preparing and cooking food and trying out new recipes with their families at home. I have loved seeing all your pictures to date. Here is a little sneak peak video of our project so far, can you guess who is in each picture. Keep up the great work boys and girls and keep sending in your photos.

Healthy Eating week will take place this week May 4th – May 10th 2020 and relates to Task 5 of our project. As part of this week, the children should record their daily intake of potatoes, fruits and vegetables to complete this task. Click the button below to access the Incredible Edibles Healthy Eating Diary, which you can print off for your child to fill in. At the end of the week you can upload this to your child’s Seesaw journal.

Welcome to the 2020 Incredible Edibles Family Challenge!

​Incredible Edibles is a healthy eating project normally availed by primary school teachers. However, in light of the current global pandemic, with schools closed and most of the Irish public in home isolation, the Incredible Edible team decided to open it up to all parents to aid in at home learning, while also giving you an opportunity to win some prizes!

​This is a fun and educational curriculum linked horticulture project, that will get your children thinking and learning all about how your food goes from field to fork!

If you wish to take part in the family challenge click the button below for more information.

April Distant Learning

What a few weeks it has been since Easter. We ‘Zoomed’ to school this month and saw all our friends and teacher. We are all learning new IT skills like never before and the children have never had so much fun each day on a Seesaw. Not your regular seesaw mind you, but it so great to stay in touch daily and see all the hard work the boys and girls are doing at home. Not to mention this wouldn’t be possible without all your amazing parents. Take a look at some of your Seesaw learning so far.

Missing you all loads, stay safe

Miss Rea

May Days 2020

Distant Learning

Summer has arrived and the weather for the month of May was glorious. We had another fun month on our Seesaw App and on Zoom. I loved seeing all of your fun activities and hard work at home. From hearing your Gaeilge to hearing your jokes for our Comedy Show it was a month filled with more hard work, memories and laughter all from the safety of our homes. Some of us had a sneak peak on Zoom this morning of our May Movie, you can take a look back over our month of May here.

June 2020

And just like that, school is out and the summer holidays are officially here! What can I say… Firstly, a BIG well done and thank you to all the boys and girls in senior infants for working so hard ALL year long, for being a kind and caring friend and for always trying their best! What a way for our year to end, it will be a year to go down in history where your parents became your teachers, where you went to school online, saw your teacher and friends on a thing called Zoom and we all had to stay at home to stay safe and protect our families. And you know what boys and girls, we did it!! Well done on completing a great year in Senior Infants and best of luck to all the boys and girls in 1st class. Take a look back over some of the highlights from our fantastic year here.

Incredible Edible Journal Entry

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  1. So nice to see all the kids getting involved and having fun,Robyn is very emotional here after watching. She is going to ask to stay in miss Rea class in September 😊 Thank you.

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