Fifth Class

School Year 2022-2023

Fort Celtic Player of the Year!

Raising awareness of Prader Willi Syndrome

5th and 6th class wear orange to to raise awareness of PWS. For more info see

Epilepsy Awareness Day 2023

Here are some of the girls in 5th class sporting their purple to mark Epilepsy Awareness Day! Well done girls!

Ola from 5th and 6th class!

5th and 6th class recently participated in eight weeks of Spanish under a DES initiative, “Say Yes To Language.” Many thanks to Montse Walsh, a native speaker of Spanish, who facilitated the lessons with such enthusiasm. It was amazing how much the children (and teachers!) learned, not to mention the fun that was had along the way!

Book Cover Competition

Congratulations to Lily who won the class prize for recreating the book cover for ‘The Naughtiest Unicorn at Sports Day’. Well done Lily!

Door Competition for World Book Day

Well done also to Rang a CĂșig who put their heart and soul into our entry for the Door competition as part of World Book Day. While we were not chosen to win, I was extremely proud of how hard they worked and our door was one of the most admired in the school!

Fond Farewell!

Last Friday we said a fond farewell to Alise as she left to return home to Ukraine. Many thanks to you all for helping to make her send off special. She loved her presents. We are thinking of her and her family and wishing them well. We will miss her lovely smile and sunny disposition!

World Book Day 2023

The Book Fair arrived on Thursday last, just in time to celebrate World Book Day! Here’s some photos of the children browsing and reading.

Class of the Month!

Well done to Rang a CĂșig, they were (joint) winners of Class of the Month this month. The children were treated to delicious pizza and a movie last Friday and finished off the day playing bench ball in the lovely spring sunshine! Here’s a photo of them with their certs and they will all enjoy a homework pass on Monday.

We Are Writers – Art Competition!

An art competition to decide on the cover illustration of our latest edition of We Are Writers was held recently in our school. Congratulations to Lily and Lucia, their entries won Highly Commended in 5th class.

Tag Rugby Blitz

Rang a CĂșig and Rang a SĂ© had a great time last Friday at the Tag Rugby Blitz. Here are some photos of the day!

Ficheall Tournament

Best of luck to Jack and Joseph as they head off with their fellow Masters team mates to compete in the chess tournament in Gaelscoil Inis CĂłrthaidh. Maith thĂș a bhuachaillĂ­!

BeannachtaĂ­ LĂĄ FhĂ©ile BrĂ­de from Rang a CĂșig!

Under 13 Credit Union Quiz team

Best of luck to Jack and Joseph as they head off with team mates, Olivia (missing from photo) and Cillian from 6th class, to take part in the Credit Union Quiz.

Rugby with Graham

The children are enjoying their rugby sessions with Graham. Press play for a taste of what they get up to!

South African delights!

Our current novel, ‘The White Giraffe’ is set in South Africa so we have been learning all about this country. Here are some photos of the children enjoying some traditional South African treats, made by Jack and his mum. They were delicious! Below is some information about the origins of these treats, which Jack shared with us. Well done and thank you Jack!

Milk Tart

One of the oldest and best known desserts in South Africa is Milk Tart or Melktert! The dessert originated among settlers at the Dutch cape colony in the 17th Century and is believed to have developed from the Dutch Mattentaart, a cheescake type dessert. Milk tart, or as the Afrikaans call it, Melktert is a creamy milky tart with a biscuit base. The local people added cinnamon.


The history of the Crunchy is unknown but it is also one of the most loved and most eaten snack in South Africa!

Happy Christmas from everyone in Rang a CĂșig!

It’s Christmas!

The children in 5th class had great fun painting their windows for Christmas. They did a fantastic job too!

Art Competition!

Congratulations to the winners of our recent Art competition where the children were asked to design their own cover for their novel, ‘There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom.’

Eason’s Spelling Bee 2022

There was great excitement among 5th and 6th class, with the return of the Eason’s Spelling Bee Competition. This competition is in its 13th year and is open to any boy or girl in 5th and 6th class who wishes to participate. The spelling booklets were given out and a week later, we held our in-school spelling bee competition. The winner of this competition would be crowned Piercestown N.S. spelling bee and go on to represent our school in the County Final which will take place in the New Year. 15 brave pupils stepped up to the plate, as the in-school competition took place in the hall on Thursday December 1st. 4th class pupils were also in the audience as they eagerly watched what opportunity lies ahead for them in 5th class. It was one of the closest and most intense competitions we have seen over the years with the 15 contestants finally being whittled down to two 6th class boys, Arvin and John. Having found ourselves in a ‘sudden death’ scenario, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. But after several rounds of going head-to-head, John emerged victorious. Well done to ALL of our pupils who volunteered to take part, it takes guts and stamina and nerves of steel alongside good spelling technique!!! Congratulations to John, our 2022 Piercestown N.S. Spelling Bee and we look forward to updating you when the County
Final date is announced.

Football Lunchtime League Final

Well done to Leah, SeĂĄn and Lucia who’s teams made it all the way to the semi-final of the Lunchtime League competition. Congratulations to Lucia and the rest of her team who won the final, making them the first team to receive the DaithĂ­ Waters cup!

Special thanks to Ms. Hearne who organised the competition!

SING OUT LOUD – We love it!!!

The children in 5th and 6th class gave the performance of their life in the National Opera House last Saturday, 19th November for SING OUT LOUD. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the songs during rehearsals (no recording allowed during the actual concert) and some backstage photos too. It was fantastic to see them giving their all and enjoying every minute. What an amazing experience!

Science Week – Trip to Teagasc

Rang a cĂșig had a fantastic day in Teagasc on Tuesday 15th November as part of Science Week. Sincere thanks to Anna Healy and her colleagues who generously gave up their time to host the children. The day started with a brief discussion on some current environmental issues, such as global warming and deforestation. The children then went on to learn about about the functions of soil and get stuck in with some hands on lab work. At lunch time they were treated to a hot chocolate with marshmallows and Cadbury’s Heroes! In the afternoon they were taken on a tour of the dairy farm. They loved the calves and were very impressed by the size of the bull! Here’s a video with some snippets of the day.


Here’s a sneak peak at our rehearsals last week! Looking forward to the big event tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!

Maths Week 2022 in Rang a CĂșig

The children in 5th class fully embraced this year’s Maths Week and all that it had to offer. Have a look at the video to see some of the learning and fun that took place!

Beginning Of Year Celebration

Our beginning of year celebration was a wonderful whole school event with prayers, music, poems and songs from each of the classes. Well done to the children from 5th class who read the prayers of the faithful – Kelly, Cora, Jack, Jessica and Leah. Well done also to Ava and Isaac who brought up our gift during the offertory procession – ideas for the student council. Here’s a clip of 5th and 6th classes as they brought our service to an end with their enthusiastic rendition of Big Family of God!

National Tree Day – 6th October 2022

Rang a cĂșig have been learning a little about some of our native trees in honour of National Tree Day. The children coloured in a large montage of native Irish trees as well as Irish flora and fauna, drawn by award winning Irish illustrator Fatti Burke. A special delivery arrived on Friday morning – our very own holly sapling to plant in school!

Art – Inspired by Alma Thomas

Here’s some collage work the children did, inspired by the paintings of Alma Thomas, an African-American artist (1891-1978). Alma Thomas was a kindergarten teacher, spending 35 years in the same classroom, before she retired at age 68 to begin her full time career as an artist. She became the first African-American woman to hold a fine arts degree and later, the first African-American woman to have her own solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, along with showings in other notable galleries. Her paintings have been exhibited at the White House three times. She is recognised as a major American artist of her time and an important role model for women, African Americans and older artists. For more info and a nice painting project for kids see

Project work – Ancient Greece

In History we are currently learning about Ancient Greece, a wonderful civilisation responsible for the foundation of democracy and the Olympics, among other things! Here are photos of some of the children working on their individual topics. When they are finished they will present their information to others and the work will be assembled to form a class project on Ancient Greece.

Soccer Coaching

The children had their first session of soccer coaching last Monday, 12th Sept. with coaches Tommy and Cian. They began with a warm up game and then did some drills to practise their skills. Have a look at this short video which clearly shows the enthusiasm of the children!

Mobile Library visits are back!

While the mobile library continued to visit Piercestown throughout the last two years, due to Covid the children remained in their classes and a selection of books were delivered to each room. Last Friday saw the return of the children themselves going on board to choose their own books. Another welcome return to normality!

2022 – 2023…. A new school year!

The 5th class classroom opened its doors to both a new class and and a new teacher this year. Mrs. Corrigan was delighted to welcome Rang a CĂșig and the children were very eager to meet up with their classmates after the Summer break. With the first short week over, everyone is getting settled in and gearing up for the year ahead. Here are some photos taken during the first few days last week. Enjoy!

First day of 5th class

We welcome Ms. Lorna Farrell as our newest member of our teaching staff to Piercestown N.S. Ms. Farrell has taken over in 5th class. She is joined by another new member of our SNA team, Mrs. Teresa Roche Murphy. We wish them both many happy years with us in Piercestown N.S.

Trip to Teagasc

Thursday morning, 14th November 2019 was a bright but cold one as 5th class set off for Teagasc Research Centre, Johnstown Castle.  Teagasc is a semi-state body and undertakes research into the agri-food sector.  This trip was part of Science Week and the children were greeted by Anna Fenelon who is a laboratory technician and she very kindly stayed with the class for the duration of the visit.

On arrival the children were asked to wear white lab coats and they were privileged to watch and participate in a chemistry experiment when they learned how to make clouds out of liquid nitrogen.  They also saw how an air-filled balloon will deflate and self-inflate having been placed in nitrogen.  The pupils were shown the effects of liquid nitrogen on flowers and how the flowers instantly freeze and crumble once they are touched but if left without touching they will thaw out.

Following the visit to the laboratories the children visited the dairy farm where they were given a talk by Aidan, one of the workers, on dairy farming and where they made the acquaintance of some bovine friends and saw how the milking parlour operates.  They were introduced to newly-born calves which included a set of twin calves which were four days old.  This was the most popular and exciting part of the trip for the children.

The children were appreciative of the time and information given to them by Anna Fenelon, Aidan and by other staff members.  Furthermore a special word of thanks must go to Mark Crosbie who accompanied us on the trip.

Cheque presentation to the Dogs Trust Ireland

March 4th 2020

Books flung aside, aprons donned and 5th class pupils took to the wooden spoon and baking bowl on Thursday night 13th February.  All in a very good cause –  a fundraiser in aid of Dogs Trust. The boys and girls were full of enthusiasm when they decorated their classroom to reflect Valentine’s Day on the morning of the Great Bake Off Sale.  5th class are very appreciative of the work the parents did in ensuring there was adequate goodies to go round and the pupils raised a whopping €575.92 to support our canine friends who really need our help.  On Wednesday 4th March, 5th class presented Maeve from Dogs Trust with the cheque. 5th class should be extremely proud of themselves and their class mates as the money raised will help support the hundreds of dogs in Dog Trust Ireland.

E.S.B. Science Blast

Who would have thought that our project “The Invasion of Bacteria: How Clean is our School?” would become so prevalent in current times?  Fifth Class worked very hard on their project and should be very proud of it.  They received great feedback both from the judges and from members of the public in the R.D.S.  A special word of thanks must go to Dr. Anna Fenelon from Teagasc.  We are very appreciative of her support.  There are two videos below for you to view.  One is a video that was part of our presentation and the second is a video which looks back at the whole process.   Once again well done Fifth class on an excellent project!

Farewell Fifth Class

Our school year came to a sudden end in March but we still managed to keep in touch through Zoom.  It was delightful to teach 5th class from September last and I was sorry that we had to part in such a way that we would never have dreamt would happen.

It was a fruitful year and we achieved many of our goals.  I hope you have a wonderful summer and I will see you again next September.  I have made a short video for you which demonstrates the high points of our past school year.  Thank you for being such a pleasant class to teach and I hope you enjoy the video. 

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