Fifth Class

We welcome Ms. Lorna Farrell as our newest member of our teaching staff to Piercestown N.S. Ms. Farrell has taken over in 5th class. She is joined by another new member of our SNA team, Mrs. Teresa Roche Murphy. We wish them both many happy years with us in Piercestown N.S.

Trip to Teagasc

Thursday morning, 14th November 2019 was a bright but cold one as 5th class set off for Teagasc Research Centre, Johnstown Castle.  Teagasc is a semi-state body and undertakes research into the agri-food sector.  This trip was part of Science Week and the children were greeted by Anna Fenelon who is a laboratory technician and she very kindly stayed with the class for the duration of the visit.

On arrival the children were asked to wear white lab coats and they were privileged to watch and participate in a chemistry experiment when they learned how to make clouds out of liquid nitrogen.  They also saw how an air-filled balloon will deflate and self-inflate having been placed in nitrogen.  The pupils were shown the effects of liquid nitrogen on flowers and how the flowers instantly freeze and crumble once they are touched but if left without touching they will thaw out.

Following the visit to the laboratories the children visited the dairy farm where they were given a talk by Aidan, one of the workers, on dairy farming and where they made the acquaintance of some bovine friends and saw how the milking parlour operates.  They were introduced to newly-born calves which included a set of twin calves which were four days old.  This was the most popular and exciting part of the trip for the children.

The children were appreciative of the time and information given to them by Anna Fenelon, Aidan and by other staff members.  Furthermore a special word of thanks must go to Mark Crosbie who accompanied us on the trip.

Cheque presentation to the Dogs Trust Ireland

March 4th 2020

Books flung aside, aprons donned and 5th class pupils took to the wooden spoon and baking bowl on Thursday night 13th February.  All in a very good cause –  a fundraiser in aid of Dogs Trust. The boys and girls were full of enthusiasm when they decorated their classroom to reflect Valentine’s Day on the morning of the Great Bake Off Sale.  5th class are very appreciative of the work the parents did in ensuring there was adequate goodies to go round and the pupils raised a whopping €575.92 to support our canine friends who really need our help.  On Wednesday 4th March, 5th class presented Maeve from Dogs Trust with the cheque. 5th class should be extremely proud of themselves an their class mates as the money raised will help support the hundreds of dogs in Dog Trust Ireland.

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