Third Class

Ms. Pauline Cooney has returned to a former role as the teacher for 3rd class for 2019-2020. Ms. Cooney is joined by another new member of our SNA team, Ms. Shelly Roche. We are delighted to welcome Shelly, Ms. Cooney and the boys and girls to 3rd class.

Favourite food poems

Check out these favourite food poems.

Working hard and having fun at the same time!

Molly knows how to keep learning going and have fun at the same time.

Bird watching in the back garden

3rd Class were learning a thing or two about birds we’re all seeing a lot of these days in our back gardens. Here’s what one keen birdwatcher found out.

A swallow’s nest

Bird watching can be give you an appetite too!

Look at these amazing “bredzels”(pretzels made of bread) made by Fionn.

Delicious biscuits made by Estelle.

Classy banana bread by Chef Charlie!
Teegan baked these fabulous flapjacks.

Well done to all the bakers in 3rd class!

Painting Stones

These busy children found time to paint these lovely stones, leave them at the front of the school and to leave us all wondering whodunnit? Thanks a million!

Gigi enjoyed painting stones too, watch out! Johnny English is about!

Fionn and Cora did a great job too!

Cad a rinne tú?

Féach ar na scannáin seo a rinne Eve. Go hiontach!

Bake off time in 3rd Class

3rd Class were challenged with writing and making a recipe which included chocolate. It was a roaring success!

Staying safe and having fun at home!

Mrs. Cooney received some lovely pictures this week. We just had to share them with you all.

Molly has been busy baking yummy biscuits and an amazing birthday cake! 

With Active ‘Home’ Week upon us, Molly and her family have been keeping fit and active in the garden.

Well done Molly and thank you for the photos.

Third Class Distant Learning

Third Class have been working so hard and having some fun over the past few weeks. Here are some photos of 3D shapes a drawing of Matilda and Wexford crest drawings done by Cora and Eve.

Well done 3rd class!



A Message of Hope

In these difficult times for everyone, children can often be the ones to lift the spirits for adults. Here’s an example of creativity, initiative and hope from Cora and her neighbours.

Irish verbs with a difference!

Maith sibh, cailíní!

Necessity is the mother of invention

Eve has been busy designing, cutting and sewing cotton masks for all her family. Who knows, this could be the start of a glittering career! Well done!

Staying connected at home!

Exploring how sound travels using materials in your cupboard. Well done!

Amazing Structures

3rd Class have been reading a non-fiction book about many amazing structures around the world. They were challenged with designing their own amazing structure. Here are a few examples, definitely a few architects in the making here!

Well done 3rd class!

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