First Class

First Class 2022/2023


After a lovely Summer break the boys and girls returned in September excited to see their friends, their new classroom and of course, to stay in school until 3 o’clock!! The children settled straight back into school, coming up with our new class rules and routines. We listened to lots of lovely stores like ‘My Class is a Family’ and ‘I promise’ by Lebron James to help us with our own class promise. The boys and girls talked loads about kindness and respect and how we can be bucket fillers from our story ‘How to Fill a Bucket’. We have had lots of fun doing art, PE and GAA. In SESE the children have been exploring all things Autumn, we even had a visit from Hattie the Hedgehog before she goes into Hibernation. The children have been great Autumn detectives filling our nature basket with beautifully coloured leaves and shiny conkers! Well done boys and girls!

Take a look at our September Movie to see some of the fun we have been getting up to this month 🙂

Mrs Walsh

1st Class September Movie


What a fun month we have had in October! The start of the month saw the return of our taster week with ‘Food Dudes’. The children explored and tried new fruits and vegetables, even if they thought they didn’t like them, they gave it a try! We visited the church for the first time with the whole entire school and performed our ‘Monday Morning’ song at the top of the Alter. This was great fun, the children enjoyed it so much that they even asked could they do it again! We had an amazing Maths Week this year, from maths trails to maths quizzes in the hall. With our maths eyes, we explored at home and found lots of maths in every day things like shapes and numbers to the time on our clocks. First class completed, for the first time, BINGO over Zoom with Miss Walsh as our BINGO host- This was so exciting!! Take a look at our October Movie!

October Mobie 2022

The fun didn’t stop there… we finished up the month for Halloween with Freaky Friday. Mrs Walsh collected a class full of pirates, pumpkins, police officers, witches, ghostbusters and many more strange characters and we walked from St Martin’s pitch to school and the children had a Halloween disco in the hall. The children worked so hard for the month that they got to have a hot chocolate party too! You may not recognise anyone, but take a look out our Spooktacular week below.

Mrs Walsh


November was a month filled with Science experiments, science fairs and demonstrations. The children really enjoyed become scientists this month, investigating, exploring and demonstrating experiments with their class. We are getting ready and practiving our carols for our Carol Service next month in the church.

Winners!! This month saw another win for 1st class as they won joint class of the month! They will enjoy a Pizza party and homework pass in December.

Mrs Walsh


The excitement was through the roof when December finally landed in 1st Class. The children could finally say CHRISTMAS!!! Not not only that, we had a visitor return to 1st Class causing all kinds of mischief and trouble… ELVIS the elf.

This month saw the return of our fabulous Christmas Carol Service in the church. Every single child performed and sang their hearts out. This well and truly created the Christmas spirit for everyone who heard and attended on the night. Take a look back over the magically festive month we had.

Mrs Walsh

January 2023

January began with talking about our new years resolutions and checking in on our healthy eating rules. All the boys and girls wrote out their ‘New Years Resolutions’ and Ms. Walsh created a book with all the children’s resolutions. It sits in our library, the children love reading back over their resolutions. We will check back in on these in a few months and see how we are doing.

This month for PE, the children were learning all about Dance, making up simple dance routines and performing for their friends. We had a variety of song requests from Hit the Diff to I’m Still Standing and we saw some fantastic dance moves. We all had great fun!

We talked a lot about our grandparents and those very special loved ones in our lives. The children created beautiful flowers for their loved ones too.

Take a look back over some of January moments.

Mrs Walsh


We sing a song to Brigid.

This month has brought the Spring. Brighter and longer days are coming. Spring was in the air as we celebrated and listened to stories about St. Brigid. We went live on Zoom with over 1000 other schools in Ireland and we listened to an author tell stories about St. Brigid.

It was all hands on deck as Ms. Hearne and 6th Class helped us to make St. Brigid’s Day Crosses from rushes, these rushes were kindly collected by one of our 1st class pupils themselves. Every child brought home a St Brigid’s Cross to protect and look after their family.

The fun did not stop there in February. We joined a Zoom cooking demonstration for Pancake Tuesday and we cooked along in class. Take a look at our Pancake Tuesday Video below.


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