First Class

School Tour 2022!

We’re going on a field trip

to a place we’ve never been!

We think that we’ll have lots of fun,

and we’ll want to go again.

Who will be our chaperones?

Whose mom or dad will go?

Will our friends be in our groups?

There’s a lot we want to know!

After we see the animals

And watch a special show,

we’ll eat our lunch and play a bit.

Then we’ll need to go!

On our way back to the school,

We’ll talk about our day.

We’ll talk about our favourite parts

We’ll have so much to say!

April 2022

What do you call a sleeping egg?


Why are people always tired in April?

Because they’ve just finished a March!

What day does an Easter egg hate the most?



First Class had some Egg-cellent adventures!

Last joke…I promise!

Design and Build!

First class have been engaging in a Design Thinking project over the past two weeks. They were faced with a task, from none other than Little Red Riding Hood herself!

An amazing ‘crafternoon’ followed and the class was awash with materials of all shapes and sizes. However, the students are not out of the woods yet (pun intended)! They are now engaging in the improve and review stage of their design process. Little Red Riding Hood will have a mammoth task choosing which house to live in and may even need the help of her pal Goldilocks to test some beds and chairs!

2022 is off to a great start!


October 2021

We thoroughly enjoyed our jam-packed October! We particularly enjoyed reading Winnie the Witch, amongst other spooky stories, participating in free writing and creating an abundance of spooktacular art. We also loved Maths week where we worked on the ipads, demonstrated our problem solving skills each day and participated in some exciting challenges. We finished the month off in style with our Freaky Friday; dressing up, dancing and eating MANY treats! Check out our October highlights below!


September 2021

Have a look at some of the fun activities we have been up to so far in Mrs. Larkin’s 1st Class.


Mrs. Deirdre Newport has taken on the role of 1st class teacher for 2019- 2020 She is joined in the classroom by Niamh Whelan, a new member of our SNA team in Piercestown. Both Mrs. Newport, Niamh and her pupils have settled well into their new class and are enjoying all of the teaching and learning that is taking place. 

Distance Learning in 1st Class

The children in 1st class have been very busy working from home. They have been actively reading, writing, problem solving, drawing, baking, and exploring. They also had a great week during Active Week trying to beat the staff of Piercestown N.S.

Take a look at a sample of the super work and lovely photos that I’ve received so far. Well done to Lily, Mia, Charlie, Joe and Rory. Keep up the great work everyone. Thank you so much to all the parents for your support and feedback.

School Tours June 2018

Unfortunately we didn’t get to go on our school tour in First Class this year but these photographs of our trip to Blackwater Open Farm in Junior Infants June 2018 should bring back some happy memories!

We stayed safe while working from home. We kept ourselves busy from measuring in maths, to writing poetry, building bug hotels, mindful colouring, practising our joined writing and problem solving to name just a few activities. We really enjoyed the reading challenge and got to read in lots of different places. We had plenty of help from our furry friends and when all the work was done we got to chill out in the pool.

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