Mystery Gift – 6 more sleeps

A date has been chosen for the presentation of the Mystery Gift to all classes from our Piercestown Parents’ Association – Monday 18th October – time to be confirmed.

At this event, all classes will be presented with a ‘Class Gift’!

The teachers can hardly sleep with excitement! I wonder what they boys and girls are hoping for?!

Let the official countdown begin!

Maths Week 2022!!! Let the fun begin!

It is all systems go as Maths Week 2022 kicked off without restrictions! The fun began straight away with momentum being gathered with a Maths-Based Assembly for both the Junior end of the school and the Senior end.

Discussions took place around what is Maths? Who likes Maths? What Maths did anyone use before they came to school today and so forth.

The answers were brilliant with the children recognising Maths in all areas of our lives from making sure we don’t miss our favourite TV programme, to ensuring we turn up on the right day for gymnastics or soccer training, baking in the kitchen at home with our families, playing the drums, going shopping or shopping online to making sure some of the teachers knew how to make the perfect cup of coffee!

The children identified lots of jobs where Maths is required – bakers, bookies, scientists, farmers, teachers, Marine biologists, archaeologists, pitcrew teams for race drivers, builders, engineers, shopkeepers among others.

The junior end of the school recognised numbers in some characters such as Numberblocks, Ben 10, Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends and the senior end learned about Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Pythagoras and Florence Nightingale.

The Maths Week timetable is more interactive and exciting than before with lots of fun, games and competitions for young and old! Why not join in!

PWS Awareness Day 2022

On Thursday 26th May Piercestown NS celebrated Orange Day (May 27th) to raise awareness of Prader-Willi Syndrome. The boys and girls of Senior infants went all out and we wore orange, ate orange treats and painted and coloured orange themed art. Teresa decorated the classroom with an array of orange balloons and we thoroughly enjoyed the day while learning more about PWS.

Here is a video of some of our highlights from the day.

Food Dudes 2022

When we returned after Easter Piercestown NS was lucky to be involved in the Award-winning Food Dudes programme – designed to promote and encourage healthy eating. Phase one of the programme proved to be a huge success with all classes getting repeat tastes of both fruit and veg each day to earn stickers, certficates and fabulous rewards such as water bottles and lunchboxes. The children really enjoyed the various days – even when sometimes tasting something which was ‘not their favourite!’

The food dudes programme has been proven to bring about significant change in children’s healthy eating habits and this will be reinforced in the home-based phase 2 which continues now. In phase two the children are encouraged to bring in their own fruit and veg from home and continue to build on habits formed in phase one. Post intervention phase 3 is a more long term ‘maintenance’ approach where we may still partake in our tasting days and children are continuously encouraged to bring in more fruit and veg. This will result in an increased consumption of fruit and veg – allowing the children to develop healthy eating habits for life! We look forward to seeing the children bringing in varieties of fruit and veg – the more exotic the better!!

Many thanks to Mrs. Susan Ryan who co-ordinated this programme for us.

SNAG 2022……Táimíd réidh!!!

Tá an Comórtas Selfie ar ais! Time to go and find the cúpla focail in the local environment or indeed create a scene sa bhaile and include a frása!

Go on, bain triail as!

Well done to this young lady in 4th class who will get a bonus prize as the first entrant for 2022!

Plenty more ‘duaiseanna’ up for grabs. Let the fun begin! Watch this space for more entries to come!

World Book Day Challenge 2022

World Book Day

World Book Day 2022 marks the celebration of 25 years of World Book Day! Join us in Piercestown N.S., for a fun filled week of activities beginning on Monday 28th February 2022!!

This year, we will again run our popular book cover competition, where we ask you to recreate your favourite book cover at home, and send the pictures to me at

I will add them to our World Book Day cover collection on our school blog throughout the week, where you can view them all from home @ This competition is just for fun and open to all to get involved in. Keep an eye on the school blog throughout the week to see some of your fellow classmates and teachers getting involved…

Let the fun and games begin,

Ms. Taylor

Science Week 2021

Science Week 2021 was all systems go on Monday 8th November with the arrival of Professor Krypto from the Nutty Scientist Company. Even the weather co-operated, after a bad start to the day, to allow every boy and girl in Piercestown to witness this ‘science extravaganza’.

There were squeals of delight, laughter and fright heard around the grounds as the children were involved in many experiments ranging from using ‘dry ice’ to ‘playing with fire’. All safety precautions were in place and the children were told which science experiement was NOT to be attempted. This was a wow factor element where some staff were asked to set Professor Krypto on fire!

Check out some of the photos and videos from the Monday.

Bank holiday updates – October 2021

It may be Mid term break, but there was no stopping the activity at Piercestown N.S.

Sunday, 24th October saw two families from Ms. Sinnott’s class lead a fundraiser, a ‘ Tractor and Truck Run’ ,which turned out to be a phenomenal success. Check out the home page on our website for an update on this roaring success.

Wexford Equestrian Centre was also a hive of activity on Monday hosting the interschools competition. Piercestown National School saw itself represented in this sport for the first time ever! And represented they were! Congratulations to the Piercestown team, comprising of Sarah, Joe, Tommy and Jack who put in a wonderful performance coming 2nd out of a total of 17 schools! What an AMAZING achievement for their first ever show! How proud are we! We look forward to uploading some photos in the coming days as we receive them.

Mystery Gifts make it a Magical Monday

Monday 18th October was to be an exciting day in Piercestown N.S. The boys and girls (and staff) has been counting down the days to the arrival of the ‘mystery gift’ for our classes by our amazing Parents’ Association. Even the poor weather conditions couldn’t dampen the spirits of all in our school.

At 12 noon, the wait was no more. Over the intercom, Ms. Walsh announced the arrival of Suzanne and Amanda to hand over the much eyed up mystery boxes! Each teacher had randomly selected two children from their class to receive the box on behalf of the class and return it for the grand reveal.

And so Ms. Sinnott’s class were the first to collect. Once, they had safely returned to their room (ensuring all COVID safety procedures were still in tact), Ms. Taylor’s representatives were called up, followed by Mrs. Ryan’s, Mrs. Larkin’s, and so on all the way up to 6th class. As each gift was collected cheers and screams of excitement could be heard all around the corridors! The representatives from each class were so excited and appreciative. While we wish you could have shared the moment with us, Ms. Walsh was on hand to gather the photographic evidence.

And just when we thought all of the mystery boxes had been revealed, there was one more left? Who could it be for? Surely, there was nobody else left?! Our wonderful Parents’ Association are so kind they included a box of treats for the staff too. Thanks to Mrs. Corrigan who collected this on the staff behalf…….and handed it over to the rest of the staff too (phew!!)

Huge thanks to our creative Parents’ Association who turned a dreary Monday into a magical Monday. The cheers from all the classes could be heard in the reception area as the Parents’ Association were leaving our school. It was a moment to be savoured.

Keep your eyes posted for an updated post of the list of ‘Mystery gifts’ on the blog tomorrow.

Special Delivery from our Parents’ Association

Ms. Walsh received a lovely surprise today from our Parents’ Association. Suzanne was at our school bright and early to deliver some of the ‘Mystery Gifts’ in anticipation of next Monday’s surprise presentation. It is literally like the ‘Late Late Show’ as there is literally a ‘mystery box’ for EVERY class in the school sponsored by the Parents’ Association. While we can’t all see them in the hall way, as we might have done pre-covid, Ms. Walsh was on hand to take the photographic evidence and will spread the word on the blog, via Aladdin and into the classrooms. Check out Suzanne making the first of the drop off. How many class gifts arrived? How many more boxes are to come? Five more sleeps until the boxes are opened by a lucky member for each class? What will each box have in store for their class? Keep tuned in for more updates.