Is your child ready for school? New legislation coming soon….

Our Schools Admission Policy has been updated over the summer months, in line with new legislation for all schools. We have been informed that our schools Admission Policy CANNOT be published until all new legislation has been commenced. The hope is that this will take place in the coming month or so.

All schools have been asked to adopt 14th January 2021, as the date on which the school will begin accepting applications for admissions for the coming year. The Admissions process cannot begin therefore, until after this date.

Keep an eye on our website for any further updates about our Admissions Notice and Admissions Policy.

We look forward to hearing from you and planning for our next new cohort of students in 2021-2022.

In the meantime, if you have queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 053-9158854.

It’s Great to Be Back!

The weather has been kind to us and even though the temperature is dropping, we are so delighted to be back in school together we have a warm feeling inside our four walls!

It is was with the greatest excitement that we reopened our doors on Thursday 27th August! We had a busy summer to ensure our school was safe and ready for your return. Our children have been amazing adapting to any new measures put in place and the happy atmosphere around the place is tangible from the moment we as a staff step inside our building.

While we feel sad, that our ‘open’ door policy is less ‘open door’ this year, we are working hard to come up with alternative options to continue our open communication.

We are rolling out Aladdin Connect, we will be updating our website regularly and don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email should you need us at any point. In the meantime, stay safe and we continue to work as a team as we navigate our way through these unprecedented times.

This is not goodbye, but simply see you later……

This video was brainchild of the staff of Piercestown National School and ably assisted by some local famous faces to wish our ‘Class of 2020’ a virtual farewell on what should have been their last day in Piercestown National School.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as the ‘Class of 2020’ did!

Huge thanks to Miss Sinnott for her technical mastery and Ms. Hearne for her co-ordination and all who contributed in any small way.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!!!!! See you on the 23rd July for a face to face goodbye.

School is out for Summer!

And with that, COVID 19 and the 12th March abrupt halt became a distant memory. Playgrounds have re-opened, children are back playing in the green spaces and laughter and chat can be heard around the place again. The sun is shining and for all of the parents and children we can finally say, SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER!

Never before and probably never again, will our country experience such events. The aim of the game was to stay safe and thankfully our school community remains in tact. It will go down in history as our biggest ‘victory’ to date. For that, we will be forever grateful.

Now it is time to take a deep sigh of relief and look to the future. While social distancing still remains, we look forward to the summer months, 99’s, BBQ’s, no homework, no homeschooling, and after a well earned break the sound of our school bell again and the hustle and bustle as we meet back together! There is SO much to look forward to.

For the ‘Class of 2020’ we salute you. You have even more fun times ahead. We will zoom at 10am this morning, and you can open your surprise post. We will see you back in your old stomping ground on July 23rd and while it may be slightly different we look forward to a ‘face to face’ graduation. And from there we will look ahead to our Confirmation on July 25th and then you fly the nest…… us ‘farewell’ and head to new pastures!!!! We are so proud of you!

And so people don’t miss out on the interim ‘virtual’ farewell, this blog will be followed in an hour or so by a final blog to celebrate the ‘Class of 2020’ on what should have been their last official day in Piercestown N.S. 26th June 2020!!!! Watch this space.

But finally, on behalf of all the staff at Piercestown N.S. ‘go forth, be strong and never feel alone, because Piercestown National School will always be your home!’

And finally, after many months of blogging, it is time for me to bow out for the summer. Boys and girls you have been superb, parents you have been AMAZING! Staff you have been a credit to your school. So without further delay, on behalf of myself as principal and the Board of Management, we thank you for ALL YOUR EFFORTS, wish you a restful summer and look forward to seeing you when we return after the summer months.

Stay safe, have a great summer and have fun! We miss you already 🙂

T’was the night before holidays……

For those of you scratching your heads over some of the riddles since Monday, here are the answers:

  1. Which is faster hot or cold? (and why?) Hot- you can easily catch a cold!!!
  2. Forwards I am heavy, backwards, I am not. What am I? Ton
  3. What question can you never answer ‘yes’ to? Are you asleep?
  4. What has teeth but cannot eat?!?!! A comb
  5. What kind of dog never bites? A hotdog
  6. What wears a cap but has no head? A bottle
  7. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 (8) ate 9
  8. What country is popular on Thanksgiving day? Turkey
  9. Which table doesn’t have legs? A vegetable
  10. What starts with e, ends with e, and only has one letter? An envelope
  11. From what number can one take half and leave nothing? !!! 8
  12. Why is a river rich??! Because it has two banks!
  13. The more you take away, the bigger I become. What am I? A hole

I will be back tomorrow with the final farewell wish. Have a good day and enjoy the last sleep before the holidays!!!!

4 more sleeps and school is out for summer!! June 22nd

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend. I have no doubt that all of the Dad’s and Grandad’s were spoiled over the weekend and got the benefit of it being the longest day of the year too!

I can hardly believe that this is our last official week of school. Normally, we enjoy this week so much with the buzz of assembly, outdoor learning, teddy bear picnics, 6th class ‘end of year fever’, to name but a few events. Instead, we remain seperated but filled with hope of a fun filled summer with restrictions being lifted and the excitement of our reunion in our next school year.

It may be our last week, but it is still all go in Piercestown N.S. The postman will be busy around Piercestown today and tomorrow as he makes his way with all of our school reports. As always, any parents who wish to check in with the teachers having read the reports can do so on the staff professional email addresses. Some children will receive slightly heavier post with their 100% attendance medals also in the post.

Our newsletter with LOTS of information will wing its way through cyber space this week to all families. Our stationary lists will be sent out before the end of the week and our much awaited class allocation (who is teaching what class?!) next year will also be diseminated. Our Board are meeting on Thursday, our school is being deep cleaned from today and some staff are preparing for our doors to be opened for July Provision beginnning next Monday 29th June.

We are also busy making plans for the next school year already, booking events, coaches, getting ready to welcome new children into our school family, ensuring our schools is prepared to the best of our ability for our return and so much more!

And while your teachers have not sent your usual academic work this week, they wanted you to have some fun activities to keep you busy over the duration of the week so your parents will have all received this yesterday.

As always, we are happy to continue to receive photos and will update the blog. Why not send us your ‘end of year smiling faces’! We would love to see them! ‘Class of 2020’ why not send in some pictures of your last week as ‘official pupils’ in Piercestown N.S. We look forward to updating the ‘Class of 2020’ this week with the finer details of their upcoming Confirmation on July 25th and their Graduation that has been postponed until July also. Do not fear however, we are not letting this Friday go unmarked!!!! ‘Class of 2020’ we have a few treats in store!

In the meantime, if you are at a loose end why not give some of these fun activities a go……

Why not ‘chalk it down?

Try out some of these fabulous illustrations on your driveway, pathway, patio outside. Be as creative as you like.

Don’t forget to send us some photos to

If chalk is not your thing, but you feel like doing some summery art, check out this website for some simple but effective ideas.

Or alternatively, choose one of these items to draw:

If you’re more into the brain training why not try out a few of these riddles?I will update the answers later in the week:

  1. Which is faster hot or cold? (and why?)
  2. Forwards I am heavy, backwards, I am not. What am I?
  3. What question can you never answer ‘yes’ to?
  4. What has teeth but cannot eat?!?!!
  5. What kind of dog never bites?
  6. What wears a cap but has no head?
  7. Why is 6 afraid of 7?
  8. What country is popular on Thanksgiving day?
  9. Which table doesn’t have legs?
  10. What starts with e, ends with e, and only has one letter?
  11. From what number can one take half and leave nothing? !!!
  12. Why is a river rich??!
  13. The more you take away, the bigger I become. What am I?

Finally, if literacy and writing is more your thing, why not try to put pen to paper and write an acrostic poem about Summer.

For some help go to this website :

As always, have a lovely week and if we can be of any assistance or you want to send us some photos for the blog, please do so on

Happy Fun Friday June 19th – Wellbeing Day :)

Happy Friday everyone, our last ‘Fun Friday of the school year 2019-2020!

Today is all abut our wellbeing and taking some time out of what has been a hectic, rollercoaster journey over the last few months. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Wellbeing and Mindful Friday June 19th 2020
As we make our way towards the finish line of the school year 2019-2020, it may be time to pause, take a moment and reflect on the turn of events that took place.
It may be simply time to breathe.
This has NOT been easy for anybody. Each and everyone of us has travelled a unique journey in unprecedented times. None of us received a handout or preparation or survival guide along the way…..but you DID survive!!!!! Applaud yourselves, acknowledge how hard it was and still is in many ways, but you DID it and so DID your children. Take a bow!!!!
So today is all about the well-being of your family.
We have a selection of activities today- a menu for you to pick and choose from. Let’s imagine that we are dining at our favourite restaurant and choosing a three-course meal. We hope there is something for everyone. We can choose a starter, main course AND dessert.

The first document I direct you to is called ‘Mindfulness for Children’ and has been designed by Mrs. Trína Cooney. Let’s imagine this as a ‘Starter Menu’ It tells us what ‘mindfulness’ is and guides us through some relaxing activities such as Mindful Breathing, Mindful Eating, Mindful Playing and Mindful Music.
Why not select one activity from this document as your starter.

Our next document has several options – from this you can choose your main course or your ‘main activity’. This is called the ‘Well-being Friday’ document.
Choose one (or more) of the activities here to create a feel-good factor to your day.

Finally, as if we were having a delightful 3 course meal, why not choose a ‘dessert’ activity from either the ‘Mindful Colouring in the Graduation Quotes’ or the ‘The Mindful Jar activity’.

Choose as much or as little for this day but remember:

As always, if you wish to share some of your ‘mindful moments’ with us don’t hesitate to send them into

Have a lovely weekend, everyone and we will see you next week for THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!!

Obstacle Course Mania!

Huge congratulations to all of our children who entered the ‘Create your own Obstacle Course’ competition co-ordinated by Miss Farrell as part of our Fun Friday last week. It got a great response with lots of videos submitted. The children of Piercestown are not only extremely active but also extremely brave! There was a variety of activites from climbing hay bales, to rolling down hills, obstacle courses on the farm (fully supervised), bombing into water pools as well as running, hopping, skipping, bouncing, balancing and so much more!

It showed the creativity of all of the families in utilising their gardens, balancing on kerbs, zig zagging through heather plants, climbing gates and ditches, pulling wheelie bins, and scaling the outside of trampolines!

But as it was a competition there has to be winners. Due to the large effort by all ages groups we decided to offer four categories; one from Junior and Senior infants; one from 1st and 2nd class; one from 3rd and 4th class and one from 5th and 6th class………

So, click on the drum roll please………as our winners are announced:

Junior and Senior Infants Category:

Congratulations to Saoirse Field in Junior Infants – who completed a very busy and creative Obstacle Course at great speed!!!!!!! We loved how she utilised all of the items in her garden and brought in her hurling skill towards the end. Well done Saoirse. A €10 Smyths voucher will be on the way to you by Friday.

1st and 2nd Class Category:

There was again tough competition in the 1st and 2nd class category but for her innovation in bringing some puzzles into the activity and donning her red cape, the winner is Lily Hayes in 2nd class. Take a bow Lily. A €10 Smyths voucher will be on the way to you by Friday.

3rd and 4th Class Category:

Again, there was very little to distinguish between our participants in this category, but for the creativity in using as many items as possible around the garden and household, from sweeping brushes, to garden hoses, wheelie bins to heather plants, our winner is Estelle Gooden in 3rd class. Well done Estelle.

5th and 6th Class Category:

For innovation, creativity and bravery (and I am assured safety guidelines were in place) the winner of this category for their ‘Obstacle Course on the Farm’ goes to siblings Sarah and Kevin O’Mahony in 5th and 6th class and so there is peace and harmony in the household, a little bit like the ‘late Late Show’ we will give a €10 Smyth’s voucher to each other them. Well done Sarah and Kevin, it was a nerve racking watch but worthy of a prize!!

Finally, no competition is ever complete without a ‘Creative’ award. This final award goes to Fionn Doyle in Senior Infants for his creative costume during the ‘Obstacle Course’ and the family participation along with his dance moves! Well done Fionn, a €10 Smyth’s voucher will make its way to you soon.

A huge thanks to all of the parents who facilitated this event. We understand the children cannot take part without your support, excellent camera work and sideline commentary!!! Well done and thank you!

Final word of thanks goes to Miss Farrell for her Steven Spielberg involvement in putting the video together. So for today, sit back and relax and enjoy the show! Pull out the popcorn for this video as it is over 20 minutes long. Enjoy the show and we will be back tomorrow with our final Fun Friday (Well Being Day) of the year for 2020!

Happy Monday everyone, 2 weeks to go!

While we were not in school on Friday for our annual Sports day, there were sport and activites taking place all around the Piercestown area! From obstacle courses to tennis matches, to skipping challenges to gymnastics and plenty of icecream. Well done to all who participated! It is a true testament to our Active School Status. Check out some of the photos we received so far. Don’t forget if you wish to share pictures on the blog send them to

Extra special shout out to those who have entered the ‘Obstacle Course’ challenge. There is still time to get your entries in to Miss Farrell on Keep an eye out on the blog later in the week of the winner announcement.

With just 2 weeks of the offical school year left to go, time is passing quickly.

Keep up the great work and don’t forget to stay connected with us by sharing pictures. If you missed any of our news or updates last week, go to the Newsletter Tab on our website and click into our May newsletter to catch up.

In great news, we announced that our Confirmation is rescheduled to take place on July 25th in St. Martin’s Church. We look forward to sharing this special day with 6th class, whilst being fully compliant with all health and safety restrictions required.

For those eager beavers this week, why not try out some of the following activities?! And who could forget the spectacular thunder and lightning storm at the weekend?!!!!!!!

Senior classes: Why not read the powerpoint on thunder and lightning to understand and recap what was really happening on Saturday night?

When you finish download this sheet and see if you can fill in the blanks:

Junior classes: Listen to the story ‘Being Kind’

Junior and Senior classes:

Have a go at some of these fun online wordsearches, simpy click on the first letter and drag it to the last letter in the word that you can find. How did you score?

Junior Maths

Practise your counting with Teddy

or Play hide and seek with George

Senior Maths

Let’s play who wants to be hundredaire – with a difference

Middle and Senior classes

Reminder for all the JK Rowling fans don’t forget her latest book ‘The Ickabog’

Keep up the great work everyone, we will be back later in the week with an update from Miss Farrell about the Obstacle Course competition and don’t forget to tune in on Friday for Fun Friday Wellbeing Day.

Happy ‘Fun Friday’ June 12th

Happy Friday everyone. Before we get ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ for our Physical Activity themed day, let’s have a quick throw back to last week’s ‘Fun Friday’. This was all about ‘being an artist’ and the end result was simply amazing. From junk art, to painting stones, to free style art, there simply was no limit to the talent. Huge thanks to all who took the time to hand deliver their painted stones to our school, which cheered up all our staff members every time they entered the building this week. Huge thanks to all of those who submitted their entries so that we can host a ‘Virtual Art Exhibition’. Final thanks to Ms. Rea for her IT expertise in putting the video together. Keep an eye out for your own art! But for now let’s remain connected by sharing all of our art work with each other.

Now for kick off. 12th June was scheduled as our Sports Day in school ☹ We did, however, manage to enjoy and participate in a very successful Stay at Home Active Week 2020 – so we once again commend you for this.

Welcome to your fun Friday Activity Plan.

Please find below a menu of activities for your children to enjoy over the course of the day should you wish them to participate in them.

We are also attaching a PDF file with lots of activities to take part in or scroll down to do some of the fun activities in this document………

Have fun and as always if you wish to send any pictures to and we will pop them up on the blog.

Ready, Steady, Go!!!!!!

Why not start the day with a Joe Wicks workout?! Throw back to Active Week 2020

Choose from one of the following:

For this you need a deck of cards

Next, you need a balloon and a timer

You had practice at this during Active Week! How many skips can you do in 60 seconds?

You need a beanbag/ball/pair of socks……and a target e.g. a hoop/bin/pot.How many times can you throw the object in in 60 seconds?

Grab a partner. Get into plank. How many high fives can you do in 60 seconds?

How many laps of your garden can you do in 60 seconds without dropping your egg/potato/apple?

Go to this link for:

10 fun daily exercises for kids to do at home (suitable for Junior end of school)

Cosmic Yoga

Get your Dance On with the Magic in the Air

Finally, are you in the mood for a competition?

Do you want to be in with the chance of WINNING A PRIZE?!

If so, read on……

And for fun we have ONE COMPETITION *****


Videos can be sent to and Miss Farrell will choose a winner for the most creative and innovative  obstacle course!

Send videos by Monday 15th June and the winner will be updated on the blog!

If you are still up for more action click into this pdf which has lot more activites for the day that is in it.

Have fun everyone and happy Friday. Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and we will be in touch on Monday.