Happy Monday everyone – May 11th

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine that Saturday brought! It is 2 months tomorrow since we shut our doors so suddenly. Little did we know that we would not re-open them for the remainder of the school year.

I want to give a very special shout out to one group in particular this week, that of Mrs. Corrigan and her 2nd class boys and girls. This week in school would have been one of great excitement, practice, rehearsal, video shoots and preparation. But above all, a week of building special memories. 2nd class you have been brilliant in your continued preparation during our school closure when we had no certainty with regard to school re-opening or remaining closed. You continue to follow Mrs. Corrigan’s work and participated in Fr. O’Reilly’s Holy Thursday ‘Do this in Memory’ mass via the webcam. Your commitment and hard work is to be commended. We are thinking of you all this week and especially as we get closer to Saturday. But remember, by staying at home you are saving lives. Our special day has unfortunately been postponed but upon our return to school we will finish the excellent work that you had started and celebrate your special day, like never before. Boys and girls, it will be worth waiting for. Myself and Mrs. Corrigan continue to liaise with Fr. O’Reilly re: a new date and as soon as a date can be confirmed we will be in touch with your families. For this week, try to not be too disappointed.

Early finishers suggestions for this week are as follows:

Some links to keep us going :

Junior and Senior infants- Read along with/or listen to the story of ‘Hairy McClairy from Donaldson’s Dairy’


1st and 2nd class links – Over the course of the week, listen to some of ‘Aesop’s Fables’ being read to. Talk to your family about the story at the end, What do you think it is teaching us?!


3rd to 6th class links – Listen to News2day and write a summary of what you heard https://trte.rte.ie/news2day/

Activity for all – Following on from the success of the art using recycled Milk cartons last week, we are bringing the 30 Day Art/ DT challenge out again and allowing you to pick ANY activity you want.

Don’t forget to send us your creations to principal@piercestownns.com

Check out ther brilliant art creations from last weeks blog! Well done to Chloe and Emily for this sharing this with us!

Happy Friday everyone! Friday feeling with the Finale Active Week 2020 video! Enjoy!

Well that was a quick week. We hope that you all had a good week and are hoping to give you all the Friday feeling with our ‘Finale Video’ complied by Ms. Rea to remind us just how great Active Week 2020 was. As this includes all our videos and photographs from the week this one is 17 minutes long so grab the popcorn and take some time to enjoy it!

See if you can spot, yourself or friends or even family members!

Have a nice weekend boys and girls and I will be back on Monday with some more early finishers work!

Don’t forget to keep sending in some photos to principal@piercestownns.com so we can keep connected even when we are staying apart.

A Teacher’s Thoughts for Thursday …………

Credit to Ms. Rea for first sharing this on her Senior Infant blog page yesterday, I feel it is one for the WHOLE school too.

Activity for 1st- 6th class

As an activity, maybe children from 1st to 6th class would like to have a go at writing on poem from the children’s perspective, it could be called ‘A Pupil’s Thoughts’

All poems can be sent to principal@piercestownns.com

Check out some of the great work that our children continue to do at home. Keep up the great work everyone!

Here is an elephant made from the milk carton by Seán in 2nd class! Isn’t is fantastic. Great work Seán.

Throw back Thursday, check out the Campbell family and their ‘blue dress up’ for World Autism Awareness Day back in April!

Check out some of the finest lego creations over the last few weeks!

Keep up the great work everyone! I will be back tomorrow for the Friday feeling (and fingers crossed) with the Amazing Active Week 2020, video.

Watch this space!

Wednesday May 6th

Winners Announcement

And the final roll call on Active Week, Active Home Week is as follows:

DayLunchtime ActivityDaily ChallengeParent Prize
MondayHooping  TJ Reid Hurling with a toilet roll challenge 
WinnersMia Whelan CrosbieEve Cullen 
TuesdaySkipping  ‘Pick up Paper’  ‘Pick up Paper’
WinnersLeanne ButlerKelly Power
Rianna Gooden
Cathy Fox
WinnersLorna Kelly Chloe McCluskeyConor NewportEnda Newport
ThursdayHurling Athletics ChallengeKeepy UppyHurling Athletics challenge
WinnersAmy Power Amy NewportCharlie ConwayBrendan Roche Suzanne Connolly
FridayWellythrowSlow Bicycle RaceSlow Bicycle Race
WinnersPaddy WalshRiley MurphyAlan McCluskey Declan Walsh
Additional AwardsFunniest videoMicah McMahon
Additional AwardsBest Active School Motto VideoKiara Lacey
Additional AwardsMost creative videoAbbie Walsh
Additional AwardsDance AwardO’Mahony Family
Additional AwardsMost committed Matthew Philips O’Connor

Once again, many thanks to ALL the school community for their participation. As there was no cost to Active Schools Week this year and to create as much incentive as possible, the school (due to exceptional circumstances) will utilise funds normally used on new events to supply prizes.

All winning children will receive a €10 Smyths voucher in the post over the next few weeks. All winning adults will receive a €10 Lifestyle voucher and the family award will be a €25 Smyths voucher.

Once again many thanks and please submit your Active School Records to principal@piercestownns.com or to your teacher at their email address.

Many thanks to all of the Active Committee and all at Piercestown N.S. for making this possible. Kind regards, Ms. Walsh

Tuesday 5th May …..

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine over the bank holiday weekend – and some much needed positivity after the update from the Taoiseach on Friday. While it has been announced that school buildings will not re-open for the remainder of this academic school year, I wish to assure you that school staff and management are working harder than ever.

6th class do not be alarmed- this is not the end! Hopefully, your parents all received our reassurance text over the weekend, and maybe some of you had read our message to you in the ‘April Newsletter’. While there is not doubt that you have been deprived of quality time together in the usual setting and the ‘normal’ milestones that 6th class reach, rest assured you will not be the forgotten class. This, myself and Ms. Hearne can promise you.

Boys and girls, we miss you lots and wish this wasn’t so. You are ALL being so brave and doing a great job keeping each other safe by staying apart. We continue to work together as the best team that we are to get through these unprecented times. In the words of our Active Week finale ‘We’re all in this together’ and we will reunite once this is over.

Parents, I empathise, sympathise and continue to offer words of support as we move forward. Each journey is individual, many of you continue to work, some on the frontline in very difficult situations. Each of your homes operates under different circumstances and while it can be hard for people to imagine what other people are going through, as a staff we are very aware of the difficult circumstances that many of you find yourselves in. We all have lots of questions that remain to be answered but we await further guidance. There is no doubt that additional instructions, direction will be issued from the Government and Dept of Education and Skills in terms of how schools re-open in the new school year. Until then, we genuinely mean it when we say, ONLY do ,what you CAN do. It is our JOB to meet ALL of the children when we return to face to face contact where they are in their learning and bring them to the next stage of their learning. At the moment, we are doing our best to cater for as many households as we can but understand that a ‘one fit all approach’ does not work in these times. NONE of you are failing anything right now, in fact quite the opposite. You are keeping your families safe. This chapter will go down in history books. Keep safe and in time, this too shall pass.

Many thanks to all who completed the survey. Your feedback is important to us on this journey together. We will update you as the feedback is analysed. Don’t forget as always all of the teachers are welcoming of any feedback on their professional email addresses or you can contact me on principal@piercestownns.com

And now back to sunnier thoughts for a few minutes and the final drumroll on what was a FANTASTIC Active Week 2020! So for the last time, can you click on the drumroll……

And the winners of the Friday lunchtime challenge of the ‘Welly throw’ beating Ms. Walsh and her girls by a long way with a distance of 21.9 metres…… was Paddy in 6th class. Good man Paddy!

The slow bicycle challenge was a REALLY tough one and huge well done to all who entered….. the winner for making the best effort to travel in a straight line as slow as they could was….Riley in 5th class for beating Bryan. Well done Riley with a time of 38.20 seconds.

There was a lot of competition for the ‘Slow Bicycle Race’ with a lot of creative entries, with many people weaving zigzag journeys to the 15 metre line, but the PARENT winner for making the best effort to travel in a straight line in the slowest time and beating Mrs. Newport was….Chloe and Jessica’s Dad Alan with 1 minute and 2 seconds! We are giving a second prize however, for the Dad who stayed on the bicycle for the looongest time a staggering 2 minutes 27 seconds and , Paddy and Abbie’s Dad, Declan Walsh!

The ‘DANCE’ award goes to the ‘O’ Mahony Family’, Gemma, Philip, Eva and Chloe for their fancy dress efforts and giving it socks attitude. Big shout out to the O ‘Mahony family! Take a bow!

A full roll of honour will appear on the blog tomorrow night with the announcement of the prizes also!!!!!Wohhhhhoooooooo!!!!

Ms. Rea is also busy getting creative with her video making skills to ensure a record of all of our efforts for our virtual Active Week 2020, are available for all to see. Watch this space as we hope to unveil her creativity as the week progresses!

Check out our blog of photos from last Friday

Our Junior activity for the next few days is ‘Create Elmar the Elephant from a milk carton’

You will need a parent to help you with cutting the milk carton!!!!! Create Elmar from a milk carton over the next few days. I would love to see any finish entries, send them into principal@piercestownns.com

Our Junior link for the next few days is for Junior and Senior infants and is a reading link https://www.starfall.com/h/ltr-classic/

Click into a story and read it with your mam/ dad/ brother or sister.

Our link for 1st and 2nd class is to read one of the ‘Greek Myth’s https://www.starfall.com/h/ir-greek/?sn=ela2-3 (I know 2nd class had worked hard on the Wooden Horse of Troy so that is there if you want to give that one a go!)

Our Senior Activity for the next few days is ‘ Write a Diary Entry’ on how you felt when you heard that school was closed until the end of this school year. Feel free to email it to principal@piercestownns.com

Our Senior link which can be used over the week is https://www.makebeliefscomix.com/coronavirus-comic-diary/

to create your own comic strip of living through the Coronva Virus pandemic.

Don’t forget as always, if you wish to submit, send to principal@piercestownns.com

Day 5 It’s FRI-YAY!!!!

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the last day of Active School 2020 on our blog. You are still invited to keep your physical activity going until May 3rd (and beyond) and record it on your record sheet for submission next week. We promise that today will be as exciting and challenging as the days that have gone before. We hope that you have enjoyed your week, we have loved seeing your participation through photos, videos and emails. I think it gave us all a renewed sense of energy and positivity so take a moment and give yourself a clap on the back, a bualadh bos, three cheers outloud or indeed all of the above. You deserve it all. Check out the gallery and our Musical Masterpiece at the end of this blog to see if you can spot yourself or your friends!

Special word of thanks to your parents who have helped with all of your videos this week and have joined in the fun by entering some of our competitions! And words of thanks also to the brothers and sisters who were counting, running the commentary or offering words of encouragement from the sideline. Every participant needs a supporter or fan behind them! It seems we have some competetive families in the school community!!!!! And it’s not over yet………

So without further delay the winners from todays challenges are………

Several peoole took on Ms. Hearne in yesterday’s lunchtime hurling challenge – Ms. Hearne may not have beaten Patrick Horgan’s record but her score put the community of Piercestown N.S. under serious pressure. In fact, NOBODY could beat Ms. Hearne’s score but we did have someone who matched it – matching her score of ’25 in 30 seconds’ is Amy in 4th class!!!!!!! Huge well done Amy!

We had a second athletics lunchtime challenge yesterday demonstrated by Fiona. This looked easy but when put into practice put the children under serious pressure!!!!!!But we have a winner. Following hot on the heels of her brother and Dad yesterday, with an amazing score (video evidence to prove it) of 25 (throws and catches while getting up and down each time!) in 1 minute is Amy is 3rd class!!! Well done Amy!

The ‘Daily Challenge’ saw the boys and girls of Piercestown N.S. attempt to take on Ms. Lyttleton who was a dab hand (or in this case foot) with her toilet roll in the ‘Keepy Uppy Challenge’. But Ms. Lyttleton was no match for our winner today! Again ,we had many entries but the winner was….Charlie in 6th class who beat Ms. Lyttleton with a brilliant score of 36! Good man Charlie!

A special award goes today to a young lady in 1st class, who sent us in a brilliant video of her shouting out our amended motto, ‘Walk, run, jump or skip, COVID-19 won’t make us quit’ . Well done Kiara in 1st class! You were a superstar.

And the PARENT AWARDS today for stamina, determination and beating both staff members are Brendan Roche, Dad of Kate and Cora for his score of 12 in the ‘Keepy Uppy with a Toilet Roll ‘Daily Challenge and Chloe and Emily’s mam Suzanne Connolly for her amazing score of 24 (throws and catches while getting up and down) in 1 minute in the Lunchtime Athletics ‘Throw and Catch Challenge’. I have no doubt from video evidence that the support Suzanne received from Emily and Chloe during her efforts drove her on! Well done to Brendan and Suzanne, our worthy winners for today!

And now back to getting you active for the day…..

Our Main Activity today is is to complete a 10@10 i.e 10 minutes at 10 o’clock (of course this can be any time of the day, you can do a 10@ 10 past ….. or a 10@10 to……… ) by selecting an activity from


Don’t forget to take some pics and send it in for our records. Document your activity on your record sheet for Active School Week 2020 also!

Why not check out some of the pics in our gallery on our blog from our whole school 10@10 a couple of years ago in collaboration with Operation Transformation! That was SO much fun. https://piercestownns.com/?s=10+%40+10

So over the course of the week, we heard that you were excited to find out what the lunchtime and daily challenges were and today is no different.

Putting you through your paces with the lunchtime activity are myself and my girls, with a fun welly throw. No skill needed for this one so ALL the family can be involved!!!!! Go root out those wellies, and the question is can you beat my score?!!!!!

Today’s ‘Daily challenge’ is set by two staff members. This requires the use of a bicycle! This is the ‘How Slow Can you go Bike Challenge?’ and is brought to you by Mrs. Newport and Bryan. In the first video, Mrs. Newport challenges the more senior cyclists to measure out 15 metres and time how slow you can go?! Remember the aim is to get a slower score than Mrs. Newport?

In our second video, Bryan sets a slightly easier challenge for our less experienced cyclists by measuring out 4.5 metres. The question is still can you beat his score?!! Remember, in this race, it is the slower the better! Don’t forget to tell us who you are taking on in this challenge today- Mrs. Newport or Bryan when your entries are sent in!

Don’t forget to send all your entries into principal@piercestownns.com to be in with a chance to win.

Best of luck to everyone today with the last challenges by the staff. The question is can you beat myself, Mrs Newport or Bryan? So far, Ms. Hearne is the only member of our staff who has held her own with her record!!!!!!! (She will beat Patrick Horgan yet too!!!!!)

I would like to officially finish up by congratulating our ENTIRE school community, from staff, to children to parents, and everyone who took the time to join in with us in this unusual virtual Active Week. It is a credit to the school to see such comradery and team spirit during such a trying time!

Remember ‘ You can always make the best out of a bad situation, they make diamonds out of coal!!!!!!!’

Congratulations to each and everyone of you. We can’t wait to see Ms. Rea’s compilation of all of the videos and photos that have been submitted next week. Don’t forget to log onto the blog next Tuesday (after the bank holiday) to see who the winners are from today!!!!

For now, check out the gallery and then finish up with the HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY with our last surprise in store as our Musical Video has been unveiled by Miss Sinnott. Remember, ‘We’re All in this Together’. Many thanks to everyone who came together to make this Musical Masterpiece! Definitely one that will go down in our own school history and be treasured for a long time to come!

Thursday’s Gallery

Friday’s Grand Finale! Enjoy!

‘We’re ALL in this TOGETHER’ by the school community of Piercestown N.S. May 2020!

Day 4 of Active Week

The weather might have been unkind to us on Wednesday but it certainly didn’t rain on our Active Week fun! There was an incredible response to the challenges set by Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Corrigan yesterday so well done to all who took part and submitted entries and videos! There was an array of further activities sent in and definitely a few families are in the running for ‘Fittest Family’. Special shout out to the Howlin family, Mernagh family, Doran family, Newport family and Whelan Crosbie family yesterday for their efforts. Don’t forget to keep filling in your record as proof of your 60 minutes (or more) a day as we will be looking for them to be submitted by email next week for your Certificate of Participation and to go towards our Active School Flag renewal application next year. We are in our third year of being an officially recognised Active School and your continued commitment is commendable! Don’t forget to see if you can spot yourself or your friends in our quick gallery from Wednesday at the bottom of this post!!

Final call for those dance moves to be sent to Miss Sinnott at jsinnott@piercestownns.com

This is our virtual WHOLE SCHOOL event this year and promises to be AMAZING! So dust off your dancing shoes, rope in your family and get dancing! This is one you DON’T want to be left out of.

And now without delay the winners from Wednesday are as follows:

Yesterday’s Yoga Challenge put many adults to the pin of their collar but the children seemed to show great agility and flexibility. Huge well done to all who took part and submitted entries. And the winners are ……….Lorna in Miss Taylor’s Junior Infants who made it look SOOOOO easy and Chloe in 5th class who did an AMAZING job and sent in a brilliant video!

The ‘Daily Challenge’ involving the plank was set yesterday by our very own Mr. Murphy. He planked with one leg and challenged you all to beat his score! Again we had LOADS of entries and my goodness, the grit and determination in the boys and girls of Piercestown N.S. is to be admired. That ‘never give up’ attitude was there in bucketloads! And the winner is……for almost doubling Mr. Murphy’s record and completing the plank 1 legged as Mr. Murphy had done, with a time of 2 minutes and 2 seconds, is one of his own class members …Conor in 4th class!

A SPECIAL AWARD for exceptional participation for the week so far goes to Matthew in 5th class. He has gone above and beyond in all activities and even added his own variations. Well done Matthew – a true Active Star this week.

And now for the much covetted PARENT AWARD. Following hot on the heels of Cathy Fox yesterday, we had several parent entries today and our winner for the longest plank is Conor and Amy’s Dad Enda Newport – for planking on one leg for a whopping 5. 02.55 seconds to be exact! There is video evidence to prove it! Unfortunately, we received no entries for Mrs. Corrigan’s ‘Yoga Challenge’ and to those out there who gave it a go, we hope you weren’t injured in the process!!!!!!!

And now back to getting you active for the day……

For Thursday’s Main Activity you can do either activity or indeed both!!!!

For those of you who are hurling/camogie fanatics we are directing you to Tj Reid’s class at the following link https://m.facebook.com/TJReidFitness/

And to those of you who are not GAA inclined, we are inviting you to take part in a Yoga Lesson by past pupil of Piercestown Niamh Boggan. We had the delight of being introduced to Niamh last year during Active Week 2019, and she is back with us virtually for Active Week 2020! Many thanks to Niamh for taking the time to make this video for us!

So, yesterday’s lunchtime challenge is up today (the minute you see good weather get outside for this one!) Time to dust off those hurleys and put the toilet roll aside …..for now at least….

So Ms. Hearne didn’t quite beat Patrick Horgan but the ultimate question is can you beat Ms. Hearne’s score of ’25 in 30′?! Rumour has it Ms. Hearne is still out at her house trying to beat Patrick Horgan’s ’30 in 30′!!!! Don’t forget to send your videos into principal@piercestownns.com to be in with a chance to win!

For those of you who are not GAA inclined we offer you another lunchtime activity. This one is brought to you by Fiona! This fun activity involves throwing and catching but it is not as simple as it looks!

Well done to Fiona for completing our athletics lunchtime activity for today. Can you beat Fiona? How many can you do in one minute? Send your entries into principal@piercestownns.com

Thursday’s Daily Challenge is brought to you by Ms. Lyttleton

And it appears the toilet roll is back in action!!! Click into the video to see just what Ms. Lyttleton is up to!!!!! And the next question is…..can you beat her?!

Don’t forget to send your videos into principal@piercestownns.com to be in with a chance to win!

Best of luck today boys and girls as you get active and try to beat Ms. Hearne, Fiona and Ms. Lyttleton! Keep up the great work. We are SO proud of you. Why not shout that motto at the top of your lungs today, “Walk, run, jump or skip COVID-19 won’t make us quit!”

Day 3 of Active Week 2020

Well boys and girls, have you been getting your 60 minutes (and more) every day? Have your family been joining in?!!!! We won’t let the rain put a dampner on our activities today but I have had to change the order of some of our challenges as some that were planned for today definitely needed to take place outside!!!!! So we have swapped things around a little!

Tuesday was another roaring success, with loads of entries for the Lunchtime Skipping activity and many people taking on Mrs. Caldicott on the ‘Paper Pick up Challenge’ . I love peoples’ creativity too. We had videos today of special messages of people trampolining during Active Week, people doing their Joe Wick’s PE lesson and we had more families ‘walking and cycling ‘a mile with a smile’ . Don’t forget to check out our brief gallery at the end of the post. If you’re not up on the blog yet, don’t be disappointed. We will be submitting all videos and photos to Ms. Rea for one massive compilation of all of our Active Week adventures next week.

There’s NO EXCUSE not to get your dance moves on today. As our outdoor activity will be limited, take to the living room floor and get your dance on with Miss Sinnott! Piercestown wants to create the BEST musical video possible with as MANY participants as possible. I am going to reinsert Miss Sinnott’s video here to remind you what to do:

In the meantime, don’t forget to send your dance moves to Miss Sinnott on jsinnott@piercestownns.com as we aim to create the first whole school musical video on Friday to bring Active Week to a creative finish!!!! This is a WHOLE SCHOOL CHALLENGE so we need everybody on board!!!!! There will be prizes up for grabs for these entries too!!!!!

And now without further delay the winners from Tuesday are…….

Leanne in 6th class for skipping an amazing 76 skips in 31 seconds!!!!!!! Take a bow Leanne, definitely a worthy winner.

And for taking Mrs. Caldicott on in the ‘paper pick up challenge’ we have joint winners today Kelly in 2nd class and Rianna in 6th class.

Congratulations to all who entered today, there was brilliant family involvement with brothers and sisters skipping all around the parish.

A special prize today, for the funniest video submitted goes to Micah in 5th class for her many attempts at the ‘paper pick up challenge‘ . Well done Micah. Brilliant video.

And finally as promised……the PARENT award today goes to Tess and Lily’s Mam Cathy!!!!! Well done Cathy – video evidence was submitted to prove her successful completion of the challenge too. You are our first parent winner for Active Week 2020!!!

Wednesday’s Main Activity to clock up those 60 minutes is one for ALL the family!

Have a blast with this fun family workout!!!! Today we are looking for our ‘Fittest Family’!!!!


Today’s lunchtime activity was due to be brought to you by Ms. Hearne! This was an outdoor activity!!!!!! So we are going to postpone this until tomorrow and hope for a better day.

So today, we will bring Mr. Murphy into the activity. Mr. Murphy is carrying an injury but we still couldn’t sideline him from Active Week. This lunchtime activity requires grit and determination!!!!!!!

And the ultimate question can you match Mr. Murphy’s plank time?! of 1 minute 10 on one leg?!!!!! Don’t forget to send in your videos to principal@piercestownns.com to be in with a chance to win!

Wednesday’s daily challenge was due to brought to you by Ms. Lyttleton but along with Ms. Hearne’s we will postpone this in the hope of better weather tomorrow!!!

So stepping up to the plate, with a daily challenge that can be done indoors is Mrs. Corrigan! Now this is a TOUGH WON – with very few staff members (if any) being able to succeed at Mrs. Corrigan’s challenge!! No cheating allowed!!!

Don’t forget to send in your videos to principal@piercestownns.com to be in with a chance to win!

Let’s see if we can give away a parent prize too for EITHER challenge today!!!!

Well done again boys and girls! There is a great buzz around cyberspace! Keep recording on your diary and keep up the great work! Remember, we are bringing our school community together this week by you being active at home and sharing your fun with everyone! Have fun everyone!

Finally, check out our daily gallery to see if you can spot yourself or some of your friends!

Day 2 of Active Week 2020

Huge congratulations and well done to all who participated in Monday’s events. We got loads of images and videos of participation from the Walk a mile with a Smile, to hooping and hurling with the toilet roll and some children even added their own creativity to the day!

Check out the gallery of images at the bottom of this post for a flavour of what activities were taking place at home yesterday! We will leave the videos until next week to be compiled into our grand finale record of PNS Virtual Active Week 2020! Well done everyone! We can’t wait to see what lies ahead today!

And the winners from Monday are………….

Hula Hooping Lunchtime Activity

Mia in 1st class for hooping for a grand total of 12 minutes ansd 18 seconds with video/photographic evidence to prove it!!!! Congratulations Mia!!! Take a bow! You defeated Ms. Walsh with style!

And for the hurling with a toilet roll challenge:

Eve in 4th class for successfully completing Ms. Rea’s challenge and adding her own further creativity to it.

Huge well done to all of our superhoopers including some pre-schoolers! Congratulations to all the hurling participants, there was great innovation, adapation and creativity of the challenge! Piercestown has toilet roll hurling talent!!!!!!

Tuesday’s Main Activity

This morning our main activity is getting active with Joe Wicks

 Youtube Channel:


Pop into Joe’s PE Class for Tuesday and get some of your 60 minutes completed early in the day. If you have missed his live class you can catch up on this youtube channel at anytime!

And don’t forget, National Active Week wants ALL household members active for 60 minutes a day so why not get all the family to join in. Don’t forget to send us in some photos and videos!

Remember to send your dance moves from ‘Movement Monday’ to Miss Sinnott on jsinnott@piercestownns.com for the amazing whole school video to be launched on Friday!

Tuesday’s Lunchtime Challenge is brought to you by Miss Farrell

Can you beat Miss Farrell? How many skips can you do in 30seconds??!!!!!

Don’t forget to send in your videos to principal@piercestownns.com to be in with a chance to win!

Ready, steady, skip!!!!!!!!!!

And now for the BIG one – the Daily Challenge against a staff member. Today’s challenge is called the ‘Paper Pick up Challenge’. So who set the challenge today? Click into the next video and ALL will be revealed!!!!

So the question remains?! Can you beat our staff member? Have you got the flexibility and balance to give it a go? (Mind your teeth!!!!!!!!!) Video or photographic evidence is needed. We have a parent prize up for grabs today too for this challenge!!!!!Email all entries to principal@piercestownns.com

Don’t forget boys and girls to fill in your daily record of your 60 minutes activity onto your active week record sheet. It is on the blog from yesterday, if anybody missed it. Or you can simply draw up your own diary and keep a record. We would love to have them emailed in at the end of Active Week 2020.

Gallery fom Monday 27th April

Well done everyone. Keep up the great work. See you all tomorrow! And remember ‘Walk, run, jump or skip, COVID-19 won’t make us quit!!!’

Piercestown Virtual Active Week 2020!!!! Can we have a drum roll please?!

Piercestown National School will host its first ever virtual active week.

This is to coincide with National Active Week which is being celebrated all over the country this week. The aim of National Active Week is to encourage ALL household members to be physically active for 60 minutes (or more!)

As a recognised Active School, we at Piercestown want to help you reach this goal. We also love the idea of helping our school community to come together while staying at home!

Click on the video of me giving a brief introduction for an overview of what lies ahead. I try not to give too many clues away as each day has lots of surprises instore! In order to find these out, you HAVE to log onto the blog each day. http://www.piercestownns.com

Now having listened for a few minutes, you know ‘some’ of what lies ahead.

So each day has 3 parts- a main activity, a lunchtime challenge (with prizes up for grabs!) and a daily challenge (with MORE prizes) to try and beat a staff member of Piercestown N.S. So, the question is are you ready to take on these challenges?? And in doing so, are you prepared to be active for 60 minutes (or more) each day. Please find the record sheet for you to fill in to keep a record of your physical activity. Click on the download button and it will offer you a URL link to copy and paste into your toolbar so that you can download the record sheet. We would love you to submit it by email (to principal@piercestownns.com) at the end of the week to prove your succeeded.

Monday’s Main Activity – WALK A MILE WITH A SMILE

So for today’s main activity- we want you to keep within the restriction rules and walk a mile (under 2km) with a smile with your family! This can be done during any part of the day, maybe after your parents finish work. Why not take some photos and send them into us for our record of Active Week 2020. If the younger children would like to dress up in their favourite dress up clothes or costume for fun why not!!!!!!!

Monday’s Lunchtime Activity – Hula hooping! – There are prizes up for grabs for this one. Who can match Ms. Walsh’s time or get the closest to it? Video evidence is required! Email principal@piercestownns.com

Now for the BIG ONE- The daily challenge against a staff member! Here in Piercestown National School, while staying apart, the staff have created some daily challenges for you to complete from the safety of your own home. But most importantly these challenges will definitely create a bit of positivity, fun and laughter in your house. Make sure to get your whole family involved too. Why not challenge your parents to do the challenges with you? Rumour has it the staff reckon they have it in the bag, but time will tell. So which staff member was first up to the plate today!

Following on from TJ Reid’s toilet roll and hurly roll lift challenge, Ms Rea decided to try out her own challenge using a hurl and toilet roll. Have you got Ms Rea’s skills? If you think you can meet or beat Ms. Rea’s success on the ‘hurling challenge’ send your videos to principal@piercestownns.com and a winner will be picked. Keep an eye on the blog from day to day for the winners to be announced!!!

And finally a WHOLE SCHOOL CHALLENGE! Movement Monday with Miss Sinnott!

This Monday you are invited to get moving and make dance history at Piercestown N.S.! Miss Sinnott has posted a video tutorial explaining four new dance moves to suit the song ‘We’re All in this Together’ from Disney’s High School Musical.

We challenge you to learn these moves, record yourself and/or your family dancing this routine and email to jsinnott@piercestownns.com before Thursday 30th April at 4pm. All entries received will be collated and merged to create one super music video! Get creative as there are prizes up for grabs!!!

So without further delay, we unveil your moves! Don’t forget to get ALL the family involved!!!! You never know, we might also find Piercestown N.S. fittest family over the course of this week?!!!

This week is usually a very memorable week for all the boys and girls in Piercestown National School. However our current situation does not mean we cannot create a memorable Active Week 2020. In fact, this year may well be the most memorable one yet. Ms. Rea our IT guru for Active week (and deserves huge bualadh bos for all of the videos to date) would love to compile a video record of what you/we all get up to over the course of this Active Week 2020 for us to view on the blog!

Huge shout to all the staff at Piercestown N.S. for making this our most creative and active week yet!

Our new motto reminds us of our determination in Piercestown N.S.

“Walk, run, jump or skip, COVID-19 won’t make us quit!! “

Here are some links to Active Week in PNS on previous years. See if you can spot yourself or even better recreate some of the activities at home.




So without further delay, I offficially declare Active Week 2020 OPEN!!!!!!

Ready steady, go!!!!!!!!!!!!