Mystery Gifts make it a Magical Monday

Monday 18th October was to be an exciting day in Piercestown N.S. The boys and girls (and staff) has been counting down the days to the arrival of the ‘mystery gift’ for our classes by our amazing Parents’ Association. Even the poor weather conditions couldn’t dampen the spirits of all in our school.

At 12 noon, the wait was no more. Over the intercom, Ms. Walsh announced the arrival of Suzanne and Amanda to hand over the much eyed up mystery boxes! Each teacher had randomly selected two children from their class to receive the box on behalf of the class and return it for the grand reveal.

And so Ms. Sinnott’s class were the first to collect. Once, they had safely returned to their room (ensuring all COVID safety procedures were still in tact), Ms. Taylor’s representatives were called up, followed by Mrs. Ryan’s, Mrs. Larkin’s, and so on all the way up to 6th class. As each gift was collected cheers and screams of excitement could be heard all around the corridors! The representatives from each class were so excited and appreciative. While we wish you could have shared the moment with us, Ms. Walsh was on hand to gather the photographic evidence.

And just when we thought all of the mystery boxes had been revealed, there was one more left? Who could it be for? Surely, there was nobody else left?! Our wonderful Parents’ Association are so kind they included a box of treats for the staff too. Thanks to Mrs. Corrigan who collected this on the staff behalf…….and handed it over to the rest of the staff too (phew!!)

Huge thanks to our creative Parents’ Association who turned a dreary Monday into a magical Monday. The cheers from all the classes could be heard in the reception area as the Parents’ Association were leaving our school. It was a moment to be savoured.

Keep your eyes posted for an updated post of the list of ‘Mystery gifts’ on the blog tomorrow.

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