Lá Gaeilge 2021

Tuesday 16th March saw everyone donning their Irish colours and celebrating all things Irish for our Lá Gaeilge. With the sun shining and the tricolour flying high above them, the children danced their hearts out at the front of the school for our Céilí Mór. Even the staff could be seen stepping it out with a reel or a jig! Check out these videos showing some of our Seachtain Na Gaeilge activities and our Céilí Mór!!!

Inclusion and Awareness

In Piercestown N.S. we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school where everyone feels valued and differences are celebrated. We strive to lead by example, teaching children to become accepting of one another, to treat others with respect and to show kindness to all. Here are some events that took place throughout March and April to raise awareness and celebrate diversity and individuality.

World Down Syndrome Day – 21st March

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is celebrated annually on the 21st March. It is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012. The date for WDSD is always the 21st day of the 3rd month, as people with Down Syndrome are born with an extra copy, a 3rd chromosome 21. Click here for a video which gives you more information on the origin of WDSD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6L7SgvFPgQ

In Piercestown N.S. we participated in WDSD by holding our annual Odd Socks Day, with children and staff wearing odd socks, and the brighter and more colourful they were the better! There were balloons and the children in Junior Infants and 4th class also made special treats on the day to celebrate. Teachers took the opportunity to talk to their classes and show videos,  helping the children to see people with Down Syndrome as valued members of society who are striving to achieve their goals and pursue their passions, just like everyone else!

Epilepsy Awareness Day – 25th March

Purple Day took place nationwide in Ireland on Thursday 25th March to raise awareness of epilepsy. Click on the following link to find out more about this https://www.epilepsy.ie/content/purple-day-2021 In our school many of the children and staff wore purple to mark the day. There were purple balloons and the children in 1st class even had special treats with purple wrappers – Freddo bars!!! Once again, teachers took the opportunity to teach the children about epilepsy and help them to understand, at an age appropriate level, what can happen during a seizure.

Autism Awareness Month – April

April is World Autism Month when we celebrate people with Autism, try to raise awareness of the everyday challenges they face and learn how we can all play a part in making our community a more Autism friendly place to live. AsIAm, Ireland’s National Autism Charity, are running a campaign to encourage people to say Yes to Autism Acceptance – Yes to employment, Yes to education and Yes to community inclusion. For more information see https://asiam.ie/world-autism-month-daily-actions-autism-friendly-ireland/#

Friday 2nd April is the day when we celebrate World Autism day. This year it fell during our Easter holidays but this did not stop Ms. Sinnott and her team from marking the day for her class by sending a special video message to the parents and children. Next Friday 16th April our school will celebrate World Autism Day. We are inviting all children to wear blue on the day in recognition of people with Autism and those who love and support them.

PA Design-a-mask competition

Winners announced!

During school closure the Piercestown Parents Association ran a fun art competition for all children. As masks have now become part of our daily dress code, the children were asked to tap into their creativity and design their own mask! There was great excitement on Friday 5th March as the winners of this competition were announced! Congratulations to the prize winning artists – Kate Power, Saoirse Field, Ella Redmond, Eva O’Mahony, Seán Power, Olivia Ponzi and Mathew Philips O’Connor. Congratulations also to the children in Ms. Sinnott’s class who all received a prize for their entries. Well done to everyone who participated and many thanks again to the PA for organising this fun event. Have a look at the fabulous entries received!

Seachtain na Gaeilge: Piercestown NS goes Hollywood

Piercestown became Hollywood last week with our boys and girls becoming film makers using some cúpla focail. The entries all showed a fun and engaging way to use Irish and technology. A huge bualadh bos to all who took part. Some prizes will be given out Friday to celebrate our Oscar winners.

Best picture and most creative goes to Aoife Crosbie in 6th class with her superb use of Gaeilge and Lego to recreate a scene from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Best Male Actor went to Tom Mageen McGuire with his amazing trailer to the next Batman film as Gaeilge. Best Female Actor went to Estelle Gooden for her heartfelt ‘Slán’ to Jack in the Titanic. Best Director went to Cora Roche for her superb work in keeping a shark under control in Jaws. Best Costume went to sisters Gracie and Cara Murphy giving Piercestown their own version of Anna and Elsa from Frozen as they sang ‘Lig é dul!’. Best Singer went to Amara Duffin for a lovely rendition of ‘Lig é dul!’ as she channelled her inner Elsa. Best Dancer went to Zoe Szabo for her amazing teamwork with her mother to show an Irish jig using some tin whistle music. Finally Best Superhero went to Ashton Duffin for his truly super Batman, proving Piercestown is safe while he is around. Well done to all who took part it was tremendous to see such effort put in.

Seachtain na Gaeilge: Comórtas Selfie

This year, for fun we are tried to incorporate the home, environment and technology through a returning competition called ‘Comórtas Selfie’. This saw our pupils take the ‘selfie challenge ‘ by taking a selfie  with some Gaeilge and sending it into a dedicated email address. While out and about the idea was to keep your eyes peeled for some signs ‘as Gaeilge’ and take a photo. They were then put on display on the ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ noticeboard.

We have included just a small selection in our slideshow for you to view.  Remember, there is more Gaeilge in the environment that we probably are even aware of.

Seachtain na Gaeilge 2021 – Comórtas Selfie

This year sees the return in Piercestown N.S. of us embracing the use of technology with our Seachtain na Gaeilge in the form of our competition / comórtas ‘Comórtas Selfie’ – this is where we ask the children to work with their family in finding some ‘Gaeilge’ in the environment and take a selfie with it. We then ask for the photo to be emailed to bmurphy@piercestownns.com . On Tuesday the 16th, the best two will be chosen for a small ‘duais’ (prize). So let’s get our thinking caps on, where do we see Gaeilge in our local community?! Sometimes, we don’t see things until we actually go looking for them. Lean ar aghaidh agus bain triail as!

Piercestown Goes Hollywood for Seachtain Na Gaeilge 2021!!

Dia daoibh go léir!

This week to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge we are going to go virtual in a fun and new competition for all to try. Below are 15 famous movie lines/scenes translated from English to Irish. This week using technology I want you to try and re-create these famous scenes using your cúpla focail. There will be prizes for Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, Best Costume and Most Creative upon on return to school. All scenes are very short as to make it easier to take part in and send. You can pick a different scene from any movie or even have a scene where you use both Irish and English. Best of luck and get creating!! All entries to be sent to bmurphy@piercestownns.com

colourful glowing light animation background


Happy Friday everyone. We all just want to say how much FUN we have had this week as a staff with all of you in school, and at home, to celebrate world book week!!! From book scavenger hunts, to recreating book covers, from reading to giving our favourite stories alternative endings, from mini quizzes in class to guessing the book each staff member read each day, it has been a lot of fun!!!

Thank to you EVERYONE for taking part and making the week so enjoyable. Ye are all SUPER STARS!!!!

And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for…… our winners of the “Guess the Book” competition 2021, who will each receive a HOMEWORK PASS VOUCHER for the night of your choice AND an EASTER EGG are as follows;


Ms. Sinnott’s, Junior and Senior Infants:       Gracie Murphy

1st-3rd class:          Ava Quirke

4th-6th class:        Micah McMahon


Ms. Sinnott’s, Junior and Senior Infants:       Levi Devereux

1st-3rd class:                       Joseph Collier

4th-6th class:                      Sarah O Mahony


Ms. Sinnott’s, Junior and Senior Infants:            Caoimhe Gleeson      

1st-3rd class:                   Katie Whitmore

4th-6th class:                  Ethan Devereux


Ms. Sinnott’s, Junior and Senior Infants:                  Kate Power

1st-3rd class:                         Sean Power

4th-6th class:                        Aoife Crosbie


Ms. Sinnott’s, Junior and Senior Infants:              Oisin Quigley

1st-3rd class:                       Chloe Cooper

4th-6th class:                      Chloe McCluskey

Congratulations to everyone who took part, we had a HUGE response to this week’s activities and we hope you all had lots of fun!!!

Prizes will be ready to give out (in school) on Monday for the children in Miss Sinnott’s class up to 2nd class. Arrangements will be made for the prizes for the children in classes 3rd to 6th.

WELL DONE everyone! Have a fantastic weekend!! 😊😊😊

Ms. Taylor