Sixth Class

The school year of 2020 2021 began like no other, in the middle of a global pandemic! But this has not stopped the children in 6th class from making the most of their final year in school. With Ms. Hearne once again at the helm and Pat Quigley always ready to assist, the children are in good hands!

Final Christmas in Piercestown N.S.

For their last Christmas in primary school the children in 6th class have really entered into the spirit of the season. As part of Advent and in preparation for Confirmation, they have ‘attended’ mass virtually throughout December from the safety of their own classroom, by tuning in to the parish web cam one morning each week. Some of the 6th class children are also doing readings at the special Christmas Eve Drive-In Mass in St. Martin’s pitch. On Thursday last, two separate pods of children, accompanied by their teacher, Ms. Hearne, went over to the church to decorate the Christmas tree. The children have also been busy decorating their own tables in their classroom and painting lovely Christmas scenes on their windows.

Ms. Michelle Hearne has taken up the role as 6th class teacher. Ms. Hearne looks forward to all the opportunities that lie ahead for the senior class in the school. We wish the Class of 2019-2020 their BEST year yet as they journey towards leaving the nest……but not before many fruitful months with us here in Piercestown N.S.

Distant Learning May 2020

My Chosen Animal – Presentation

6th class have being researching an animal of their choice and preparing an oral presentation. Many of them took the opportunity during our recent ‘zoom’ calls to share their presentations with the class. During these we all learned some new interesting facts about many animals, from those we are familiar with like dogs and snakes, to the more exotic spider monkey and sea cucumber, to name but a few.

Sit back and enjoy some of our presentations!!

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