Maths Week 2022!!! Let the fun begin!

It is all systems go as Maths Week 2022 kicked off without restrictions! The fun began straight away with momentum being gathered with a Maths-Based Assembly for both the Junior end of the school and the Senior end.

Discussions took place around what is Maths? Who likes Maths? What Maths did anyone use before they came to school today and so forth.

The answers were brilliant with the children recognising Maths in all areas of our lives from making sure we don’t miss our favourite TV programme, to ensuring we turn up on the right day for gymnastics or soccer training, baking in the kitchen at home with our families, playing the drums, going shopping or shopping online to making sure some of the teachers knew how to make the perfect cup of coffee!

The children identified lots of jobs where Maths is required – bakers, bookies, scientists, farmers, teachers, Marine biologists, archaeologists, pitcrew teams for race drivers, builders, engineers, shopkeepers among others.

The junior end of the school recognised numbers in some characters such as Numberblocks, Ben 10, Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends and the senior end learned about Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Pythagoras and Florence Nightingale.

The Maths Week timetable is more interactive and exciting than before with lots of fun, games and competitions for young and old! Why not join in!

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