Special Delivery from our Parents’ Association

Ms. Walsh received a lovely surprise today from our Parents’ Association. Suzanne was at our school bright and early to deliver some of the ‘Mystery Gifts’ in anticipation of next Monday’s surprise presentation. It is literally like the ‘Late Late Show’ as there is literally a ‘mystery box’ for EVERY class in the school sponsored by the Parents’ Association. While we can’t all see them in the hall way, as we might have done pre-covid, Ms. Walsh was on hand to take the photographic evidence and will spread the word on the blog, via Aladdin and into the classrooms. Check out Suzanne making the first of the drop off. How many class gifts arrived? How many more boxes are to come? Five more sleeps until the boxes are opened by a lucky member for each class? What will each box have in store for their class? Keep tuned in for more updates.

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