School Fun Day – Senior Classes

The children in 3rd, 4th and 5th classes thoroughly enjoyed their Senior School Fun Day. They had an outdoor, hands-on workshop with Gordan Rocheford in the Scout Recreation Area across form the school. Here they learned about various different skills used by scouts, such as starting a campfire safely without matches and tying ropes together to make a secure shelter out of wood. They were also shown some of the tools and equipment used by Scouting Ireland when camping out and they learned about some basic first aid. Great emphasis was placed on how to hike or camp while “Leaving No Trace”, an important lesson for all of us. These classes also went up the St. Martin’s pitch for sports and activities and 3rd class had the opportunity to practice their tennis skills. The day would not have been complete without their own special delivery from McDonald’s, which was rapidly devoured!

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