Fun Friday with some news!!!!!

For today’s activity we want you to have some physical fun with your names again, we did this one a few weeks ago, but it’s always good to give things a go a second time!

Big News!!!!!!!!

This week coming is National Active Week. This is scheduled to take place from April 27th- May 1st. As a recognised Active School, we at Piercestown N.S. are ready to embrace this week!

Next week all of your teachers will include ‘Active Week’ as part of your every day work. You will have to come to the blog each day to find out all about it. There will be lunchtime activities like we always have in school. There will be some challegnes set for you. We hope to make this as interactive as possible by sharing videos and photos with you and you sharing with us! And as aways, no active week is ever complete without a few prizes! So don’t forget to tune into the blog EVERY DAY next week to see what lies ahead! We may be at home, but that doesn’t mean we cant have fun…..and lots of it!!!!! Active Week 2020 #stayathome promises to be a unique and funfilled week for all the family!!!

For more info on Active Schools Week go to

Finally, if you are all jumped out and want a bit more fun on a Friday, time to root out some paper and get creative with some origami!! No need for origmai paper- any paper will do.

And if you just need some down time, why not try ‘Where’s Wally game?’

We might not be able to go far from home at the moment, but Wally is still globe trotting – see if you can find him – and more importantly, see if you can beat the clock?!!!!! Have fun everyone…..

Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week for National Active Week – don’t forget to chant our motto “Walk, run, jump or skip, Come on Piercestown Let’s Get Fit’!!!!

or my adapted motto for this period of time “Walk, run, jump or skip, Covid- 19 won’t make us quit!!!!!!!’

Thursday 23rd April

Today’s activity has something for everyone – it is a choice of 30 Art or design activities and we ask you boys and girls just to pick one to complete! We would love to see your photos so don’t forget to send some in to

Thursday 23rd April is apparently ‘National Poem in your Pocket Day’ in America!

Why not go to our following link and read some poems?

Have a look at the top ten and select which is your favourite?

If you are feeling particularly creative why not write a short poem and send it in to

Wednesday 22nd April

Today, let’s remind ourselves that even though we need to stay at home, there are still ways to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones!


It is important to check in with the people you love! Use this questionnaire to see how well you know one of your friends or family members. You may learn something new!

What is your favourite food?    
Would you rather be as tall as a house or as small as a mouse?  
What have you been doing to keep busy?    
Who is your biggest role model? Why?    
Who inspires you the most? Why?    
What is your favourite country you have visited?    
What is your favourite memory of me?    
What are you missing the most?    
Where is the last place you visited before this crisis?    
Where will be your first place to visit when this is all over?    
Do you have a question for me?    

Today is also National Earth day – our link today is for everyone. Travel to anywhere in the world from the safety of your home. Even find your very own house using this website.

Have fun everyone and keep up the great work!

Think it out Tuesday! (21st April)

Boys and girls – you were all BRILLIANT yesterday. Well done to your Mammys and Daddys for downloading your work and well done to all of you for giving it a go! Your teachers were so THRILLED to hear from you. They shared some of your super work with me too!!!!

Well done to Ms. Hearne and 6th class and Miss Farrell and 5th class who will go down in the annals of Piercestown N.S. as the first class to be on ‘Zoom’!! We thought ‘zoom’ was a phrase just describing the boys and girls racing up and down the pitches in their Rackard league match!!

Today as we officially begin our ‘distant/cyber’ learning journey, I wonder would you all like to complete the following activity. It is a page taken from a booklet called ‘The Great Isolation’ – this has lots of nice activities that will form work on our blogs over the next few weeks also.

Activity page from -‘The Great Isolation’ – One for Everyone!

This page looks at the facts of who we are, and where we are now, and gets a snap shot of us in this time. You could do it on a page or in a copy.

The boxes to fill in are :

This is what I look like – draw a picture here/ stick a photo. Next, these are my isolation buddies – who is in your house? This is my favourite colour – colour in. This is what my house looks like – draw a picture. This is my age- write your age. These are my friends- write their names/draw a picture. These are a few of my favourite things- draw some items/ write a list. And finally, this is my teacher – again write teacher’s name or if you are feeling arty draw a pic!

Don’t forget we would love to share some of your work on our website – send us a photo of it to

For those of you looking for EVEN MORE work…..

Our Junior activity and link is all about Spiders!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh

Junior link  – watch this video

Junior activity – Invent a Spider

Some spiders are named for how they look—like the wolf spider or the pumpkin spider.

  • Pretend you discovered a new kind of spider.
  • Draw it. (Be sure to give it eight legs, a head, and a body.)
  • Describe it in words.
  • Name it!

Don’t forget to send us some photos! I promise I will manage to look (yikes!)

Our Senior activity and link also follows an SESE (Geography theme)

Senior link – Read the article. Tell a parent which place would you prefer and why?

Senior activity

Draw your own map! In a notebook or on a piece of paper, draw a map of a place that is special to you. It could be your hometown, a map of your  school, your favourite park, or where your family goes during school hols. It may be somewhere really special to you that unfortunately you can’t visit at the moment due to the COVID 19 restrictions.

 Try to include as many details as you can!

Keep up the great work boys and girls! Chat soon, Kind regards, Ms. Walsh

Welcome Back!

Senior Activity

Book versus Movie Activity

So hopefully, we got to chill out over the Easter hols and watch a movie or two. Had you read the book?

Have a go at comparing and contrasting the movie and the book?

What was the same?

What was different? Which did you prefer and why?

Finally, for our links today – we are going with ‘Mental Maths Monday’ with a fun element!

Junior infants and Senior infants Maths

Let’s get counting ‘under the sea’

1st – 3rd class

Let’s get practising those tables

Play ‘Hit the Button’ can you beat your parents or brothers and sisters

4th-6th class

Let’s get practising those tables

Play ‘Hit the Button’ can you beat your parents or brothers and sisters

Happy Easter everyone

Amidst the doom and gloom, there has been one bit of good news announced by our Government.

Thankfully, our Taoiseach, has granted a special eggs-emption for this weekend for the Easter Bunny to travel.

As long as the Easter Bunny follows Simon Harris advice of washing his paws regularly, he is allowed to break the 2km distance restrictions and go about his very important business.

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy some much deserved chocolate and treats and enjoy the sunshine!

We miss you all. Have an eggstra-special weekend.

Kind regards,

Ms. Walsh and all the staff

Calling Holy Communion Class – ‘Join us tomorrow 7pm online’

Fr. O’Reilly extends a warm invitation to our 2nd class tomorrow night (Thursday 9th April) to join in their ‘Do this in Memory’ mass that is scheduled to take place on Holy Thursday at 7pm.

While in accordance with restrictions, the children and their families cannot be there in person, we ask all families and our 2nd class children to join us online for this special celebration. Fr. O’Reilly is looking forward to greeting the children remotely as they continue on their preparation towards their special day.

We thank Fr. O’Reilly for his proactive approach that allows us to continue our spiritual journey in unprecedented times.

So to join us, just click on the link

A Message from Fr. O’Reilly –

Please share the word with those in the community who may not be online or on social media. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!”- Helen Keller

A webcam has been installed into the Church in Piercestown. This will facilitate those members of our community who wish to attend mass from the safety of their homes. We thank Fr. O’ Reilly for his proactive approach and are happy to share this on behalf of the community and those who may wish to avail.

Please find below the link.

The Link to our Web Cam in Piercestown Church is

Services for Holy Week

  • Palm Sunday;  Mass and Blessing of Palms 10 a.m.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday Mass 9.30 a.m.
  • Holy Thursday;  Mass of Last Supper 7p.m.
  • ( Parents of First Communion Children please tune in )
  • Good Friday;  Stations 12 midday  The Passion of the Lord 3 p.m.
  • Easter Sunday;  Mass 10 a.m.

( Thanks to our schools and St. Martin’s for publicising our Link and we would ask our young people to help the elderly to link in)

For fun over Easter (only if needed)

Easter holidays have finally arrived, in the strangest way any of us have ever experienced. We feel that since we closed our doors on March 12th, so much has happened. This will be the same for everyone, but everyone’s experience will be very different. While a lot of people will be looking forward to the well-needed break from ‘home-schooling’, some people might like a few activites to keep them busy over the holidays.

We have compiled just a short list of links and a selection of activities should you need them.

This website is also excellent in terms of reminding your children what ‘superheroes’ they are at this time.

We, at Piercestown N.S. are SO PROUD of you all staying at home and keeping everyone safe! We know, this is not easy to do, and often we are missing our friends and extended family. So your children might enjoy this short video clip, to remind them how SUPER they are.

Here are some ideas to keep people busy if they need it:

Why not try out the 14 day drawing challenge!?

Why not gather some ideas (over 100 to be precise) to do while playing indoors!

If your child is feeling sad, worried, confused – why not try some of the following:

Don’t forget many of the celebrities are still doing their bit to help us all during this crisis:

And the RTE school hub will still be on, even during holidays, Mon – Fri at 11am with it being recorded on the RTE player also if you miss it.

Here is another selection of activity ideas:

Finally, if after ALL of those activities you are still looking for seomthing here are a few links to keep you going:

Here are some free online reading resources:

If you feel like going into outer space, this fantastic website is worth a look:

For those of you with a passion for the arts. This website is tied in with the Primary School  Art Curriculum also

For those of you who LOVE experiements why not find some new ideas here:

Finally, if you love numbers and you don’t want your tables to go rusty- see if you can beat your own record here

But most importantly, be safe and be kind and take a break.

This too shall pass!

We miss you all very much and hope to see you all soon.

Happy Easter,

Ms. Walsh and ALL the staff 🙂