Bowled over!

Today we returned to the sunshine and got back into our stride for active week. Again, Ms. Sinnott and Mr. Murphy put us through our paces during ‘Wake Up and Shake Up’ this morning. We then were very lucky to have Herbie Honohan and Peter Hudson on hand to introduce and teach us about cricket. The children got to learn about what the sport is about, the equipment used, honed their skills in catching games before finally getting out onto the field and playing some QuickCricket. Information on the cricket can be found on our previous blog post.

For some lucky classes we were also delighted to welcome Karen Mooney to the school and her fitness class. It was great to work out in the sun especially to some catchy songs. Some of the staff even took part with Mr. Murphy and Pat deciding to maybe cut down on the treats at home after it. It was a really great experience for all and we thank Karen for offering her time to the school.

Today we also had the cones and markers out as some classes took on the long jump. Pupils had to see how far could they leap without hitting the foul line. It was very competitive and we saw some tremendous jumps. Well done to all who took part.

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