Day 4 of Active Week

The weather might have been unkind to us on Wednesday but it certainly didn’t rain on our Active Week fun! There was an incredible response to the challenges set by Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Corrigan yesterday so well done to all who took part and submitted entries and videos! There was an array of further activities sent in and definitely a few families are in the running for ‘Fittest Family’. Special shout out to the Howlin family, Mernagh family, Doran family, Newport family and Whelan Crosbie family yesterday for their efforts. Don’t forget to keep filling in your record as proof of your 60 minutes (or more) a day as we will be looking for them to be submitted by email next week for your Certificate of Participation and to go towards our Active School Flag renewal application next year. We are in our third year of being an officially recognised Active School and your continued commitment is commendable! Don’t forget to see if you can spot yourself or your friends in our quick gallery from Wednesday at the bottom of this post!!

Final call for those dance moves to be sent to Miss Sinnott at

This is our virtual WHOLE SCHOOL event this year and promises to be AMAZING! So dust off your dancing shoes, rope in your family and get dancing! This is one you DON’T want to be left out of.

And now without delay the winners from Wednesday are as follows:

Yesterday’s Yoga Challenge put many adults to the pin of their collar but the children seemed to show great agility and flexibility. Huge well done to all who took part and submitted entries. And the winners are ……….Lorna in Miss Taylor’s Junior Infants who made it look SOOOOO easy and Chloe in 5th class who did an AMAZING job and sent in a brilliant video!

The ‘Daily Challenge’ involving the plank was set yesterday by our very own Mr. Murphy. He planked with one leg and challenged you all to beat his score! Again we had LOADS of entries and my goodness, the grit and determination in the boys and girls of Piercestown N.S. is to be admired. That ‘never give up’ attitude was there in bucketloads! And the winner is……for almost doubling Mr. Murphy’s record and completing the plank 1 legged as Mr. Murphy had done, with a time of 2 minutes and 2 seconds, is one of his own class members …Conor in 4th class!

A SPECIAL AWARD for exceptional participation for the week so far goes to Matthew in 5th class. He has gone above and beyond in all activities and even added his own variations. Well done Matthew – a true Active Star this week.

And now for the much covetted PARENT AWARD. Following hot on the heels of Cathy Fox yesterday, we had several parent entries today and our winner for the longest plank is Conor and Amy’s Dad Enda Newport – for planking on one leg for a whopping 5. 02.55 seconds to be exact! There is video evidence to prove it! Unfortunately, we received no entries for Mrs. Corrigan’s ‘Yoga Challenge’ and to those out there who gave it a go, we hope you weren’t injured in the process!!!!!!!

And now back to getting you active for the day……

For Thursday’s Main Activity you can do either activity or indeed both!!!!

For those of you who are hurling/camogie fanatics we are directing you to Tj Reid’s class at the following link

And to those of you who are not GAA inclined, we are inviting you to take part in a Yoga Lesson by past pupil of Piercestown Niamh Boggan. We had the delight of being introduced to Niamh last year during Active Week 2019, and she is back with us virtually for Active Week 2020! Many thanks to Niamh for taking the time to make this video for us!

So, yesterday’s lunchtime challenge is up today (the minute you see good weather get outside for this one!) Time to dust off those hurleys and put the toilet roll aside …..for now at least….

So Ms. Hearne didn’t quite beat Patrick Horgan but the ultimate question is can you beat Ms. Hearne’s score of ’25 in 30′?! Rumour has it Ms. Hearne is still out at her house trying to beat Patrick Horgan’s ’30 in 30′!!!! Don’t forget to send your videos into to be in with a chance to win!

For those of you who are not GAA inclined we offer you another lunchtime activity. This one is brought to you by Fiona! This fun activity involves throwing and catching but it is not as simple as it looks!

Well done to Fiona for completing our athletics lunchtime activity for today. Can you beat Fiona? How many can you do in one minute? Send your entries into

Thursday’s Daily Challenge is brought to you by Ms. Lyttleton

And it appears the toilet roll is back in action!!! Click into the video to see just what Ms. Lyttleton is up to!!!!! And the next question is…..can you beat her?!

Don’t forget to send your videos into to be in with a chance to win!

Best of luck today boys and girls as you get active and try to beat Ms. Hearne, Fiona and Ms. Lyttleton! Keep up the great work. We are SO proud of you. Why not shout that motto at the top of your lungs today, “Walk, run, jump or skip COVID-19 won’t make us quit!”

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