Day 3 of Active Week 2020

Well boys and girls, have you been getting your 60 minutes (and more) every day? Have your family been joining in?!!!! We won’t let the rain put a dampner on our activities today but I have had to change the order of some of our challenges as some that were planned for today definitely needed to take place outside!!!!! So we have swapped things around a little!

Tuesday was another roaring success, with loads of entries for the Lunchtime Skipping activity and many people taking on Mrs. Caldicott on the ‘Paper Pick up Challenge’ . I love peoples’ creativity too. We had videos today of special messages of people trampolining during Active Week, people doing their Joe Wick’s PE lesson and we had more families ‘walking and cycling ‘a mile with a smile’ . Don’t forget to check out our brief gallery at the end of the post. If you’re not up on the blog yet, don’t be disappointed. We will be submitting all videos and photos to Ms. Rea for one massive compilation of all of our Active Week adventures next week.

There’s NO EXCUSE not to get your dance moves on today. As our outdoor activity will be limited, take to the living room floor and get your dance on with Miss Sinnott! Piercestown wants to create the BEST musical video possible with as MANY participants as possible. I am going to reinsert Miss Sinnott’s video here to remind you what to do:

In the meantime, don’t forget to send your dance moves to Miss Sinnott on as we aim to create the first whole school musical video on Friday to bring Active Week to a creative finish!!!! This is a WHOLE SCHOOL CHALLENGE so we need everybody on board!!!!! There will be prizes up for grabs for these entries too!!!!!

And now without further delay the winners from Tuesday are…….

Leanne in 6th class for skipping an amazing 76 skips in 31 seconds!!!!!!! Take a bow Leanne, definitely a worthy winner.

And for taking Mrs. Caldicott on in the ‘paper pick up challenge’ we have joint winners today Kelly in 2nd class and Rianna in 6th class.

Congratulations to all who entered today, there was brilliant family involvement with brothers and sisters skipping all around the parish.

A special prize today, for the funniest video submitted goes to Micah in 5th class for her many attempts at the ‘paper pick up challenge‘ . Well done Micah. Brilliant video.

And finally as promised……the PARENT award today goes to Tess and Lily’s Mam Cathy!!!!! Well done Cathy – video evidence was submitted to prove her successful completion of the challenge too. You are our first parent winner for Active Week 2020!!!

Wednesday’s Main Activity to clock up those 60 minutes is one for ALL the family!

Have a blast with this fun family workout!!!! Today we are looking for our ‘Fittest Family’!!!!

Today’s lunchtime activity was due to be brought to you by Ms. Hearne! This was an outdoor activity!!!!!! So we are going to postpone this until tomorrow and hope for a better day.

So today, we will bring Mr. Murphy into the activity. Mr. Murphy is carrying an injury but we still couldn’t sideline him from Active Week. This lunchtime activity requires grit and determination!!!!!!!

And the ultimate question can you match Mr. Murphy’s plank time?! of 1 minute 10 on one leg?!!!!! Don’t forget to send in your videos to to be in with a chance to win!

Wednesday’s daily challenge was due to brought to you by Ms. Lyttleton but along with Ms. Hearne’s we will postpone this in the hope of better weather tomorrow!!!

So stepping up to the plate, with a daily challenge that can be done indoors is Mrs. Corrigan! Now this is a TOUGH WON – with very few staff members (if any) being able to succeed at Mrs. Corrigan’s challenge!! No cheating allowed!!!

Don’t forget to send in your videos to to be in with a chance to win!

Let’s see if we can give away a parent prize too for EITHER challenge today!!!!

Well done again boys and girls! There is a great buzz around cyberspace! Keep recording on your diary and keep up the great work! Remember, we are bringing our school community together this week by you being active at home and sharing your fun with everyone! Have fun everyone!

Finally, check out our daily gallery to see if you can spot yourself or some of your friends!

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