Day 5 It’s FRI-YAY!!!!

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the last day of Active School 2020 on our blog. You are still invited to keep your physical activity going until May 3rd (and beyond) and record it on your record sheet for submission next week. We promise that today will be as exciting and challenging as the days that have gone before. We hope that you have enjoyed your week, we have loved seeing your participation through photos, videos and emails. I think it gave us all a renewed sense of energy and positivity so take a moment and give yourself a clap on the back, a bualadh bos, three cheers outloud or indeed all of the above. You deserve it all. Check out the gallery and our Musical Masterpiece at the end of this blog to see if you can spot yourself or your friends!

Special word of thanks to your parents who have helped with all of your videos this week and have joined in the fun by entering some of our competitions! And words of thanks also to the brothers and sisters who were counting, running the commentary or offering words of encouragement from the sideline. Every participant needs a supporter or fan behind them! It seems we have some competetive families in the school community!!!!! And it’s not over yet………

So without further delay the winners from todays challenges are………

Several peoole took on Ms. Hearne in yesterday’s lunchtime hurling challenge – Ms. Hearne may not have beaten Patrick Horgan’s record but her score put the community of Piercestown N.S. under serious pressure. In fact, NOBODY could beat Ms. Hearne’s score but we did have someone who matched it – matching her score of ’25 in 30 seconds’ is Amy in 4th class!!!!!!! Huge well done Amy!

We had a second athletics lunchtime challenge yesterday demonstrated by Fiona. This looked easy but when put into practice put the children under serious pressure!!!!!!But we have a winner. Following hot on the heels of her brother and Dad yesterday, with an amazing score (video evidence to prove it) of 25 (throws and catches while getting up and down each time!) in 1 minute is Amy is 3rd class!!! Well done Amy!

The ‘Daily Challenge’ saw the boys and girls of Piercestown N.S. attempt to take on Ms. Lyttleton who was a dab hand (or in this case foot) with her toilet roll in the ‘Keepy Uppy Challenge’. But Ms. Lyttleton was no match for our winner today! Again ,we had many entries but the winner was….Charlie in 6th class who beat Ms. Lyttleton with a brilliant score of 36! Good man Charlie!

A special award goes today to a young lady in 1st class, who sent us in a brilliant video of her shouting out our amended motto, ‘Walk, run, jump or skip, COVID-19 won’t make us quit’ . Well done Kiara in 1st class! You were a superstar.

And the PARENT AWARDS today for stamina, determination and beating both staff members are Brendan Roche, Dad of Kate and Cora for his score of 12 in the ‘Keepy Uppy with a Toilet Roll ‘Daily Challenge and Chloe and Emily’s mam Suzanne Connolly for her amazing score of 24 (throws and catches while getting up and down) in 1 minute in the Lunchtime Athletics ‘Throw and Catch Challenge’. I have no doubt from video evidence that the support Suzanne received from Emily and Chloe during her efforts drove her on! Well done to Brendan and Suzanne, our worthy winners for today!

And now back to getting you active for the day…..

Our Main Activity today is is to complete a 10@10 i.e 10 minutes at 10 o’clock (of course this can be any time of the day, you can do a 10@ 10 past ….. or a 10@10 to……… ) by selecting an activity from

Don’t forget to take some pics and send it in for our records. Document your activity on your record sheet for Active School Week 2020 also!

Why not check out some of the pics in our gallery on our blog from our whole school 10@10 a couple of years ago in collaboration with Operation Transformation! That was SO much fun.

So over the course of the week, we heard that you were excited to find out what the lunchtime and daily challenges were and today is no different.

Putting you through your paces with the lunchtime activity are myself and my girls, with a fun welly throw. No skill needed for this one so ALL the family can be involved!!!!! Go root out those wellies, and the question is can you beat my score?!!!!!

Today’s ‘Daily challenge’ is set by two staff members. This requires the use of a bicycle! This is the ‘How Slow Can you go Bike Challenge?’ and is brought to you by Mrs. Newport and Bryan. In the first video, Mrs. Newport challenges the more senior cyclists to measure out 15 metres and time how slow you can go?! Remember the aim is to get a slower score than Mrs. Newport?

In our second video, Bryan sets a slightly easier challenge for our less experienced cyclists by measuring out 4.5 metres. The question is still can you beat his score?!! Remember, in this race, it is the slower the better! Don’t forget to tell us who you are taking on in this challenge today- Mrs. Newport or Bryan when your entries are sent in!

Don’t forget to send all your entries into to be in with a chance to win.

Best of luck to everyone today with the last challenges by the staff. The question is can you beat myself, Mrs Newport or Bryan? So far, Ms. Hearne is the only member of our staff who has held her own with her record!!!!!!! (She will beat Patrick Horgan yet too!!!!!)

I would like to officially finish up by congratulating our ENTIRE school community, from staff, to children to parents, and everyone who took the time to join in with us in this unusual virtual Active Week. It is a credit to the school to see such comradery and team spirit during such a trying time!

Remember ‘ You can always make the best out of a bad situation, they make diamonds out of coal!!!!!!!’

Congratulations to each and everyone of you. We can’t wait to see Ms. Rea’s compilation of all of the videos and photos that have been submitted next week. Don’t forget to log onto the blog next Tuesday (after the bank holiday) to see who the winners are from today!!!!

For now, check out the gallery and then finish up with the HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY with our last surprise in store as our Musical Video has been unveiled by Miss Sinnott. Remember, ‘We’re All in this Together’. Many thanks to everyone who came together to make this Musical Masterpiece! Definitely one that will go down in our own school history and be treasured for a long time to come!

Thursday’s Gallery

Friday’s Grand Finale! Enjoy!

‘We’re ALL in this TOGETHER’ by the school community of Piercestown N.S. May 2020!

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