Freaky Friday!!!

There was none of the usual staff or pupils in Piercestown N.S. on 26th October. Instead of staff we had teletubbies, bananas, unicorns, witches, a pirate and even Little Red Riding Hood showed up! For pupils we had witches, vampires, werewolves, superheroes, old ladies, dead cheerleaders, dead brides, dead soccer players and much more! Zeus the King of the Gods came and there were lots of animals too – dragons, unicorns, cats and even a pig! Barbie and Mr. Tomato Head both made an appearance along with a few celebrities like Michael Jackson and Mr. Bean. Everyone gathered at the St. Martin’s Centre on that cold morning before school. We screamed out our Active School Motto – ‘Walk, Run, Jump and Skip. Come on Piercestown Let’s Get Fit!’ and then paraded down to the school in all our glory! Great fun!!!

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