Confirmation – 6th class

Confirmation was due to take place on Thursday 28th May. To mark the day, the children went to mass at noon, accompanied by Pat Quigley, Ms. Hearne and Mrs. Corrigan. The ceremony was quite special as the children had not been to Mass in person, together as a class, for such a long time. They were involved in the readings and offertory procession and afterwards, Fr. Marken gave them each a goodie bag to take with them. He praised them for their exemplary behaviour, not only at Mass that day but overall, and said that they were doing a great job in setting the tone for the rest of the school. Maith thú Rang a Sé! The afternoon was spent watching a movie and Ms. Walsh (on zoom) and Mrs. Corrigan dropped in to say hello and treat the children to chocolate bouquets. The children will have a retreat in the coming weeks as part of their preparation for Confirmation which has been rescheduled for Saturday 10th July.

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