World Autism Day 2021

World Autism Day took place on Friday 2nd April. As this date was during our Easter holidays Ms. Sinnott and her team sent parents and children in their class a special video to mark the day. Click on the link to have a look!

Piercestown NS chose to celebrate World Autism Day on Friday 16th April. Our school was a sea of blue to mark the day and many of our classes did special activities such as art and baking.

There was an exciting rounders game in 6th class as Pat Quigley (SNA) joined with the boys team to play against the girls with Ms. Hearne and Ms. O’Connor joining their team.

Ms. Sinnott’s VIPs went to the shop to buy blue slushies and even had blue lollipops! Have a look at the slideshow below to see the fun that was had!

Teachers also took the opportunity to talk about Autism and how we can all help to make our community more Autism friendly.

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