Week 1: Fittest Family Challenge

Congratulations to all for a super start to our Piercestown Fittest Family. It has been great to see so many people so far emailing in photos of themselves being active and enjoying the exercises and the challenge. I will put up a slideshow at the end of the week highlighting our amazing fit families. Each week all that is required is a photo of you and your family doing the exercises. If you wish to go head to head against our leaders and compete in the optional weekly challenges to be crowned Piercestown’s Fittest Family, I also need photographic proof of you doing the activity attached with the time your family set. For fairness it will be an average time of all family members taking part due to family sizes being both big and small. Lastly, each week if you fill in your exercise tracking form and when we return to school you will be entered into a draw for taking part too. Keep your eyes out for some celebrity times still to come to compete against too. All emails to bmurphy@piercestownns.com.

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