Piercestown Fittest Family

Welcome to Piercestown NS first ever Piercestown Fittest Family!! Over the next month we are calling on all families in the school to get active each week and take part in a safe and healthy way through a set of various activities and challenges from your homes. Everyone can take part and it can be changed or tweaked to fit you and your family. It is all about taking part, inclusion and encouraging everybody to stay active and in touch in these challenging times.

  • Each week you will be given a set of exercises to be completed and you can show completion of these exercises through the weekly checklist forms or through photos. (Videos over 15 seconds are too large to send over email)
  • The goal each week is to complete 2021 exercise reps across your family. (For example, one might do the lunges, while another family member might do the jumping jacks for the week or for the fit families out there everybody can try do it together)
  • Each family when entered will be randomly assigned to one of our amazing team leaders- Team Hearne, Team Lyttleton, Team Farrell and Team Sinnott.
  • Each week you will also be given an opportunity to try and prove you are the Fittest Family through a set optional weekly challenge against your chosen Team Leader for points.
  • The family with the best performance/time will receive 5 points, the next best performing family will receive 4 and finally the third best performing family will receive 3. All other competing families will receive 1 point for just taking part.
  • At the end of the three weeks there will be a competition week where you will battle it out against our Team Leaders in daily challenges for more points.
  • At the end of our Fit Families, there will be a draw between all the families who have taken part as well as an overall Piercestown Fittest Family prize based on the performances in the optional and Team Leader challenges and points gained.
  • All photos and checklists to be sent to bmurphy@piercestownns.com to enter.
  • Keep an eye on the blog for Team Leader videos and other information relating to the activity.
  • Remember to stay active and stay safe.

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