Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I wish to say a huge congratulations to ALL families who participated in our first ‘Fun Friday’ last week which was all about Art. The photos are rolling in and the talent is simply endless. We look forward to uploading a video later in the week of our, ‘Virtual Art Exhibition June 5th 2020’. To whet your appetite in preparation of seeing the video, I will post a photo of one family who took their ‘painted stones’ to our school premises to remind us how connected we have remained in spite of all our time apart. It makes all of the staff so proud of you each and every day!

We look forward to this ‘Fun Friday’ also, which promises to remind us of our ‘Sports Day’ with a menu of physical activites to choose from! Let’s hope the sunshines and as we usually host the ‘HB Icecream day on our Sports Day, maybe the Mammy’s and Daddy’s will take out the icecream and wafers for the day that is in it! Yum!

Well done to Ms. Rea and her class of Senior infants who earned Piercestown National school the status of ‘School of the Week‘ on the Incredible Edibles website this week. https://www.incredibleedibles.ie/

Check out the Incredible Edible website to see a video of their wonderful work. They had only just started the Incredible Edibles project when COVID-19 forced us to close our school doors. But Ms. Rea’s class were NOT going to be deterred and they continued their efforts at home reaping the reward in this much deserved title. On behalf of the whole school, Senior Infants you are SUPER and we are so proud of you! Take a bow!!!!!!!!!

There is a lot of uncertainty in the media at the moment about return to school and indeed July Provision. We wish to reassure you that NO GUIDELINES have been issued yet to any schools. As soon as accurate and confirmed information comes available we will be in touch but in the meantime, I have compiled a detailed newsletter that we will email to all families today. We hope to have answers soon with regard to Confirmation date, Communion dates, July Provision, School calendar to name but a few items. We are working hard behind the scenes to progress all of these areas as best we can. We will of course have to await guidance and direction on certain aspects before we make further decisions. To keep up to speed with it all check out our May Newsletter 2020!

And finally, for those early finishers or in search of some extra activities see if some of these ideas take your fancy over the course of the week:

For all of the budding scientists in our schools, check out the STEM competition here https://sspc.ie/backyard-science-with-sspc-a-stem-activity/

To give a throw back to the first Monday of every month when we were in school, I have included a Mindful Monday activity to bring you to some happy places in your head:

We can help ourselves to feel good by remembering many of the happy times in our lives (even during a world pandemic). This activity asks you to think of 4 of your happiest times and draw a picture of them. Write a sentence about each one too if you can! Let’s see if you can bring a smile to another Monday!

For any mathematicians out there, Maths Ireland have been creating weekly ‘Maths at home’ newsletters. Check out there activities for this week: https://www.mathsweek.ie/2019/maths-at-home-activities/

There are endless Maths activities on this page for ALL age groups in primary school.

And finally, for those who love to crack a code or solve a crossword why not download some activity sheets from this page: https://www.puzzles-to-print.com/crossword-puzzles-for-kids/

Hopefully, there is something there to keep everyone as busy as they wish to be on a Monday. I will be back in touch later in the week. Keep up the great work everyone!

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