Happy ‘Fun’ Friday

Today our whole school takes a break from their literacy and numeracy work to focus on the subject area of Art.

This is another opportunity for us to come together by staying apart by sharing our work. You will have all received a document with the following ideas, but just in case you have forgotten here is our suite of Art Activities for today: )

June 5th 2020

**Fun Friday – Take a Break from the Numeracy and Literacy. Our whole school theme today is the subject area of Art.

Choose from one of the following art activities (if you wish) that you feel is best suited to your child / household. Don’t forget to email us  at principal@piercestownns.com if you wish to share it on the blog.

This is supposed to be an enjoyable less pressurised day of the week. Enjoy your Friday feeling. 😊

Option 1– Complete a piece of Junk art.

·         Poetry: Read the Junk Art poem by Lill Pluta. Can you create a piece of Junk Art, just like the poet did? Have a go and send me a photo!

Junk Art by Lill Pluta

I feel so smart when I make art

from things I’d throw away.

Look there! I’ve made three floating fish

out of an old foam tray.

 A coffee can becomes a drum

dressed up with string and yarn.

I find the box that held my juice.

Now it’s a bright red barn!

My paper scraps are in a bin

I know I’ll find a use.                 

I fold and cut and paint and glue

I’ve made a silly moose!

I feel so smart when I make art

from things I’d throw away.

I like to save odd bits of stuff

to use another day.

****Check out the 2nd class blog for some inspiration in the Junk art as 2nd Class in collaboration with Mrs. Corrigan and Mrs. Cooney have already given this activity a go!


Stick Art (See video)

Option 2 – Complete a piece of stick art.

  • It is probably more suited to the senior classes.
  • Please find attached the video.
  • If any of the Senior Classes wish to use it, also the children could use straws, lollipop sticks, paper or card and glue sticks whatever they have at home but in this video a glue gun for €5.99 and spray paint €4 in Mr. Price was used…..
  • This piece of art could create nice memories from this time

Option 3 – Painting Stones

(Markers could be used as an alternative to paint)

Please see attached some links for this activity.



This one is a website with printable instructions for painting ladybirds

If the children are living local to the school. they could place their painted stones along the front steps of our school or along our windowsills. This is another way of our school coming together while staying apart 😊

Option 4 – Freestyle – Any piece of art your child wishes to produce today

We look forward to seeing some of your work. Happy Friday. Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, the staff of Piercestown N.S.

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