Piercestown Virtual Active Week 2020!!!! Can we have a drum roll please?!

Piercestown National School will host its first ever virtual active week.

This is to coincide with National Active Week which is being celebrated all over the country this week. The aim of National Active Week is to encourage ALL household members to be physically active for 60 minutes (or more!)

As a recognised Active School, we at Piercestown want to help you reach this goal. We also love the idea of helping our school community to come together while staying at home!

Click on the video of me giving a brief introduction for an overview of what lies ahead. I try not to give too many clues away as each day has lots of surprises instore! In order to find these out, you HAVE to log onto the blog each day. http://www.piercestownns.com

Now having listened for a few minutes, you know ‘some’ of what lies ahead.

So each day has 3 parts- a main activity, a lunchtime challenge (with prizes up for grabs!) and a daily challenge (with MORE prizes) to try and beat a staff member of Piercestown N.S. So, the question is are you ready to take on these challenges?? And in doing so, are you prepared to be active for 60 minutes (or more) each day. Please find the record sheet for you to fill in to keep a record of your physical activity. Click on the download button and it will offer you a URL link to copy and paste into your toolbar so that you can download the record sheet. We would love you to submit it by email (to principal@piercestownns.com) at the end of the week to prove your succeeded.

Monday’s Main Activity – WALK A MILE WITH A SMILE

So for today’s main activity- we want you to keep within the restriction rules and walk a mile (under 2km) with a smile with your family! This can be done during any part of the day, maybe after your parents finish work. Why not take some photos and send them into us for our record of Active Week 2020. If the younger children would like to dress up in their favourite dress up clothes or costume for fun why not!!!!!!!

Monday’s Lunchtime Activity – Hula hooping! – There are prizes up for grabs for this one. Who can match Ms. Walsh’s time or get the closest to it? Video evidence is required! Email principal@piercestownns.com

Now for the BIG ONE- The daily challenge against a staff member! Here in Piercestown National School, while staying apart, the staff have created some daily challenges for you to complete from the safety of your own home. But most importantly these challenges will definitely create a bit of positivity, fun and laughter in your house. Make sure to get your whole family involved too. Why not challenge your parents to do the challenges with you? Rumour has it the staff reckon they have it in the bag, but time will tell. So which staff member was first up to the plate today!

Following on from TJ Reid’s toilet roll and hurly roll lift challenge, Ms Rea decided to try out her own challenge using a hurl and toilet roll. Have you got Ms Rea’s skills? If you think you can meet or beat Ms. Rea’s success on the ‘hurling challenge’ send your videos to principal@piercestownns.com and a winner will be picked. Keep an eye on the blog from day to day for the winners to be announced!!!

And finally a WHOLE SCHOOL CHALLENGE! Movement Monday with Miss Sinnott!

This Monday you are invited to get moving and make dance history at Piercestown N.S.! Miss Sinnott has posted a video tutorial explaining four new dance moves to suit the song ‘We’re All in this Together’ from Disney’s High School Musical.

We challenge you to learn these moves, record yourself and/or your family dancing this routine and email to jsinnott@piercestownns.com before Thursday 30th April at 4pm. All entries received will be collated and merged to create one super music video! Get creative as there are prizes up for grabs!!!

So without further delay, we unveil your moves! Don’t forget to get ALL the family involved!!!! You never know, we might also find Piercestown N.S. fittest family over the course of this week?!!!

This week is usually a very memorable week for all the boys and girls in Piercestown National School. However our current situation does not mean we cannot create a memorable Active Week 2020. In fact, this year may well be the most memorable one yet. Ms. Rea our IT guru for Active week (and deserves huge bualadh bos for all of the videos to date) would love to compile a video record of what you/we all get up to over the course of this Active Week 2020 for us to view on the blog!

Huge shout to all the staff at Piercestown N.S. for making this our most creative and active week yet!

Our new motto reminds us of our determination in Piercestown N.S.

“Walk, run, jump or skip, COVID-19 won’t make us quit!! “

Here are some links to Active Week in PNS on previous years. See if you can spot yourself or even better recreate some of the activities at home.




So without further delay, I offficially declare Active Week 2020 OPEN!!!!!!

Ready steady, go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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