Fun Friday with some news!!!!!

For today’s activity we want you to have some physical fun with your names again, we did this one a few weeks ago, but it’s always good to give things a go a second time!

Big News!!!!!!!!

This week coming is National Active Week. This is scheduled to take place from April 27th- May 1st. As a recognised Active School, we at Piercestown N.S. are ready to embrace this week!

Next week all of your teachers will include ‘Active Week’ as part of your every day work. You will have to come to the blog each day to find out all about it. There will be lunchtime activities like we always have in school. There will be some challegnes set for you. We hope to make this as interactive as possible by sharing videos and photos with you and you sharing with us! And as aways, no active week is ever complete without a few prizes! So don’t forget to tune into the blog EVERY DAY next week to see what lies ahead! We may be at home, but that doesn’t mean we cant have fun…..and lots of it!!!!! Active Week 2020 #stayathome promises to be a unique and funfilled week for all the family!!!

For more info on Active Schools Week go to

Finally, if you are all jumped out and want a bit more fun on a Friday, time to root out some paper and get creative with some origami!! No need for origmai paper- any paper will do.

And if you just need some down time, why not try ‘Where’s Wally game?’

We might not be able to go far from home at the moment, but Wally is still globe trotting – see if you can find him – and more importantly, see if you can beat the clock?!!!!! Have fun everyone…..

Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week for National Active Week – don’t forget to chant our motto “Walk, run, jump or skip, Come on Piercestown Let’s Get Fit’!!!!

or my adapted motto for this period of time “Walk, run, jump or skip, Covid- 19 won’t make us quit!!!!!!!’

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