Wednesday 22nd April

Today, let’s remind ourselves that even though we need to stay at home, there are still ways to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones!


It is important to check in with the people you love! Use this questionnaire to see how well you know one of your friends or family members. You may learn something new!

What is your favourite food?    
Would you rather be as tall as a house or as small as a mouse?  
What have you been doing to keep busy?    
Who is your biggest role model? Why?    
Who inspires you the most? Why?    
What is your favourite country you have visited?    
What is your favourite memory of me?    
What are you missing the most?    
Where is the last place you visited before this crisis?    
Where will be your first place to visit when this is all over?    
Do you have a question for me?    

Today is also National Earth day – our link today is for everyone. Travel to anywhere in the world from the safety of your home. Even find your very own house using this website.

Have fun everyone and keep up the great work!

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