Think it out Tuesday! (21st April)

Boys and girls – you were all BRILLIANT yesterday. Well done to your Mammys and Daddys for downloading your work and well done to all of you for giving it a go! Your teachers were so THRILLED to hear from you. They shared some of your super work with me too!!!!

Well done to Ms. Hearne and 6th class and Miss Farrell and 5th class who will go down in the annals of Piercestown N.S. as the first class to be on ‘Zoom’!! We thought ‘zoom’ was a phrase just describing the boys and girls racing up and down the pitches in their Rackard league match!!

Today as we officially begin our ‘distant/cyber’ learning journey, I wonder would you all like to complete the following activity. It is a page taken from a booklet called ‘The Great Isolation’ – this has lots of nice activities that will form work on our blogs over the next few weeks also.

Activity page from -‘The Great Isolation’ – One for Everyone!

This page looks at the facts of who we are, and where we are now, and gets a snap shot of us in this time. You could do it on a page or in a copy.

The boxes to fill in are :

This is what I look like – draw a picture here/ stick a photo. Next, these are my isolation buddies – who is in your house? This is my favourite colour – colour in. This is what my house looks like – draw a picture. This is my age- write your age. These are my friends- write their names/draw a picture. These are a few of my favourite things- draw some items/ write a list. And finally, this is my teacher – again write teacher’s name or if you are feeling arty draw a pic!

Don’t forget we would love to share some of your work on our website – send us a photo of it to

For those of you looking for EVEN MORE work…..

Our Junior activity and link is all about Spiders!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh

Junior link  Рwatch this video

Junior activity – Invent a Spider

Some spiders are named for how they look‚ÄĒlike the wolf spider or the pumpkin spider.

  • Pretend you discovered a new kind of spider.
  • Draw it. (Be sure to give it eight legs, a head, and a body.)
  • Describe it in words.
  • Name it!

Don’t forget to send us some photos! I promise I will manage to look (yikes!)

Our Senior activity and link also follows an SESE (Geography theme)

Senior link ‚Äď Read the article. Tell a parent which place would you prefer and why?

Senior activity

Draw¬†your¬†own¬†map!¬†In¬†a¬†notebook¬†or¬†on¬†a¬†piece¬†of¬†paper,¬†draw¬†a¬†map¬†of¬†a¬†place¬†that¬†is¬†special¬†to¬†you.¬†It¬†could¬†be¬†your¬†hometown,¬†a¬†map¬†of¬†your¬† school,¬†your¬†favourite¬†park,¬†or¬†where¬†your¬†family¬†goes¬†during¬†school¬†hols. It may be somewhere really special to you that unfortunately you can’t visit at the moment due to the COVID 19 restrictions.

 Try to include as many details as you can!

Keep up the great work boys and girls! Chat soon, Kind regards, Ms. Walsh

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