Thurs 2nd April – World Autism Day – April Autism Awareness Month

As today is ‘World Autism Day’ and April is ‘Autism Awareness’ month, our activities and links today tie in with this topic. We, at Piercestown N.S. are particularly proud of all of our school community this year, since we opened our newest class in September 2019. Our children have worked hard to promote and create the most wonderful inclusive environment, which is learning that goes far beyond the cover of any text book. So for today:

Junior Activity

Practice some lámh at home with your family. Say hello, show them home, say thank you.

Check out the following link

  • Go on a blue scavenger hunt
  • Make some blue arts and crafts
  • Wear something blue and upload a photo to the website for our video!

Senior Activity

Can you remember you lámh song – ‘Count on me’ by Bruno Mars  or ‘You’ve got a Friend in Me’ by Woody from Toy Story. Teach someone in your family some of the signage!

Junior Link

Have you ever heard of autism

Watch the junior link above. Talk to your family about what you understand autsim to mean.

Senior Link

Watch this video clip about Nick – talk to your family afterwards about what your understand about people with autism

Check out this year’s video created by us at Piercestown N.S.

World Autism Awareness Day 2020

Write down how you would design a video to mark Blue (Autism Awareness Day )

Get your mam and dad to take a video of your plan at home. You could be the next Steven Spielberg!

Get your parents to email them to if you wish to share

Happy Creating!

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