Watch out Wednesday….you’ve been warned!

Today is the start of a new month and one that comes with a warning! Don’t be caught out! For fun, our activities and links today tie in with April Fool’s Day.

Junior Activity –

It’s a maths one – Junior and Senior infants may need Mam and Dad to help

Tricked out Maths- April Fools Day

Senior Activity – creative writing

Senior activity – get some inspiration from these April Fool’s Day poem’s

Then, write your own Aprils fool’s day poem – rhyming, acrostic, shape poem their choice – don’t forget to send it on to and we can share the creativity and laughter!

Our Junior link is very light hearted for the day that’s in it

Click into this short video just for fun to listen to some jokes. Now try and tell a joke to someone in your house who hasn’t watched this video clip with you!

Senior Link – a light hearted bit of history

Research the origin of April Fool’s Day by watching this video

Tell someone or write a summary of how April Fool’s Day came about.Write a prank or two you have carried out or happened to you on April Fool’s Day.

Have fun everyone!

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