Try it Tuesday (24th March)

Today for fun, our extra activity is a 30 day lego plan. Many of you may have seen this already as it has been circulated on social media. Choose one day to complete or indeed maybe some of you are already deciding to embrace the full 30 day challenge. This is a task that suits all ages group. It involves construction, spatial awareness, art, while also allowing younger children to incoporate counting, sorting, colours and matching into the activity.

If you wish to take on this challenge, we would love to see some of your photos and upload them to the blog so that your friends can see what you are getting up to. You can do this by asking your parents to send your photo by email to

Remember in ‘staying apart we can still come together’. Have fun with todays activity! Ready, steady, go!

Our online links today are to get people active

Junior link involves some storytelling and yoga based on the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt!

Cosmic Yoga

Senior Link involves getting your ‘dance on’

*********In general our links are categorised as Junior (infants to 2nd class) and senior (3rd to 6th class) but sometimes any age group can give them a go! So if the older children fancy yoga today, why not and if the younger children want to break out their dance moves, off they go!

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