Result of Survey and Optional Work Available

Many thanks for the fantastic response to our online survey. 78% of our families voted and the result was as follows: 54.13% felt their child has sufficient work. 45.87 % felt their child requires more work.

As the vote is so close, we have decided to proceed and make the material available. There will be an updated blog every day.
This will involve one activity (which can be educational/practical/physical) and one link on the internet.We will give a brief outline of what to do with each. One activity may be something that would span over several days so you do not have to take one each day even if you are looking for additional work. 

We wish to be clear that this is simply an offer of optional work. We do not wish to add to your burden at present. We are aware of the unprecedented times we find ourselves in. As always, you as the parents have to feel comfortable in what you can complete or not. As the school, we fully support all of your actions. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on We are thinking of you all. Be safe.

Kind regards, Ms. Walsh and the management team

Today Monday 23rd March

Optional Links ****

Junior Link

Listen to the story about the four seasons.

Can you tell me one thing about Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring?

Which is your favourite season and why?

Senior Link

Watch Friday’s episode and summarise orally or in written format

Optional Activites for today:

Junior Activity

Senior Activity

Have fun! And remember, Be Safe and Be Kind! We are in this together.

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