Art Exhibition 2019 makes the Wexford People!

This year’s Annual Art Exhibition, which was featured in the local newspaper,  was officially opened on Wednesday 3rd April. There was great excitement in the run up to this event as each and every pupil saw their artwork put on display for all to admire. As usual, there was huge variety with pieces from every strand of the Visual Arts curriculum – painting, drawing, construction, clay and printing. 3rd class had their 3D lighthouses on display with real working light bulbs – an integration of art, science (electricity) and geography, while 2nd class had made musical instruments, integrating art, science (sound) and music!

The Art Exhibition was officially opened by local artist, musician and poet, Helen Gaynor. Helen was astounded by the standard of art on display and talked at length about many of the pieces she had seen. Each child mentioned was delighted to hear their artwork praised. Helen spoke also about the importance of having an idea and going on to develop that idea, bringing it to life using a selected medium. She was delighted to see the children’s creativity being encouraged. There was a lovely atmosphere and everybody enjoyed the evening.

Many thanks to the Piercestown Parents’ Association who were on hand on the night to provide refreshments for everybody.

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