Creative Writing Workshop – 2nd class

There was great excitement on the morning of Friday 8th March as 2nd class, accompanied by Mrs. Corrigan, Mrs. Barrett and Fiona, set off to attend a creative writing workshop in Wexford Library.

With the help of volunteer tutors, the children wrote an original story which they saw being typed up onto a big projection screen as it was being written. The children decided on the characters, plot, setting, etc. and went through the story together, sentence by sentence, editing as they went.  A volunteer artist was also on hand to provide illustrations.

The class wrote the first part of the story together as a group, then each child had the opportunity to write their own individual ending to the story, with assistance and encouragement from the volunteer tutors. Finally the story and illustrations were printed and each child received a copy of the book to take home.

Before leaving, the class spent some time browsing in the children’s section of the library  and reading. The children thoroughly enjoyed this event, which was organised to coincide with The Book Fair and World Book Day 2019.

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