School remains closed Mon 5th March

Despite Trojan efforts from the parent and wider community to clear pathways and car parking spaces in front of the school, following a safety assessment and consideration of the health and safety of all pupils, parents and staff, a decision was reached by the Board of Management that Piercestown N.S. will remain closed on Monday 5th March.

We are working to the best of our ability to ensure a safe re-opening at the earliest possible convenience.

Work will be posted on the website for tomorrow morning, should parents be anxious about missed tuition time. As always, teaching and learning are our priority for the children of Piercestown N.S. but health and safety must come first and foremost. Given the exceptional circumstances, the Board was left with no option but to remain closed on Monday 5th of March.

In keeping with circular 0009/ 2017, section 4, all arrangements will be made to prioritise tuition time upon our re-opening.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Check out our videos on Storm Emma and Piercestown N.S. one showing the full impact of the storm on Sat 3rd March and another following the health and safety inspection by Ms. Walsh on Sun 4th March.

Parents will be communicated with on Monday 5th March re: the official announcement for re-opening.



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