Seachtain na Gaeilge: Piercestown NS goes Hollywood

Piercestown became Hollywood last week with our boys and girls becoming film makers using some cúpla focail. The entries all showed a fun and engaging way to use Irish and technology. A huge bualadh bos to all who took part. Some prizes will be given out Friday to celebrate our Oscar winners.

Best picture and most creative goes to Aoife Crosbie in 6th class with her superb use of Gaeilge and Lego to recreate a scene from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Best Male Actor went to Tom Mageen McGuire with his amazing trailer to the next Batman film as Gaeilge. Best Female Actor went to Estelle Gooden for her heartfelt ‘Slán’ to Jack in the Titanic. Best Director went to Cora Roche for her superb work in keeping a shark under control in Jaws. Best Costume went to sisters Gracie and Cara Murphy giving Piercestown their own version of Anna and Elsa from Frozen as they sang ‘Lig é dul!’. Best Singer went to Amara Duffin for a lovely rendition of ‘Lig é dul!’ as she channelled her inner Elsa. Best Dancer went to Zoe Szabo for her amazing teamwork with her mother to show an Irish jig using some tin whistle music. Finally Best Superhero went to Ashton Duffin for his truly super Batman, proving Piercestown is safe while he is around. Well done to all who took part it was tremendous to see such effort put in.

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