Friday: Hollow, You There?

Hi everybody to our final daily challenge of fittest family. Thank you to all who are taking part both in the challenges, the exercises, the videos and generally getting your children up and moving. Today we are going to take on some more famous faces, this time seeing how long we can last in a hollow hold. Taking part today we have Limerick All Ireland winner Dan Morrissey, Dancing with the Stars Emily Barker, Kilkenny hurler Adrian Mullen, Ireland and Leinster’s Ross Byrne, Ireland hockey player Roisin Upton, Cork Camogie star Amy O’Connor, Kilkenny All Ireland camogie winner Meighan Farrell, Mayo and AFL star Niamh Kelly, RTE Today and DJ Meghann Scully, Nutritional Coach and Personal Trainer Nathalie Lennon, Wexford and St Martin’s star Chloe Foxe and Fair City’s and Dancing with the Stars Ryan Andrews. You can download the checklist from below to take part in this week’s optional challenges. So lie back, stretch out those legs and arms and keep them up. Best of luck!

Thank you to all who have taken part so far for the past month. If any fit families could send in their checklists and any photos or videos under 15 seconds for this weeks final challenges by 9pm Sunday night to

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