Bottle’d Up!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our weekly exercise initiative again this week. It was great to see so many pupils out moving around safely in their area all with a smile on their faces. The activities are all about keeping us connected and smiling through these weeks. This week saw our families take on our team leaders and elite sport stars in a test of mental and physical strength. The tremendous effort involved was amazing to see by all who took part in it. Special mention to so many pupils this week from our own school and others. So a huge bualadh bos to everybody who took part this week. Our fittest family this week was The Kenny family who on average racked up their family front raise time of 11:32 thanks to an incredible performance from Kate Kenny. This week we are also continuing with a most creative photo category with the prizes this week going to The Mahony family for Sarah O’Mahonys farmtastic selfie. Thank you for all who took part and look out for tomorrow’s daily challenge on the blog too and throughout the week as some new sport stars and other famous faces take part in our challenges. Prizes will be announced at the end of our competitions.

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