Obstacle Course Mania!

Huge congratulations to all of our children who entered the ‘Create your own Obstacle Course’ competition co-ordinated by Miss Farrell as part of our Fun Friday last week. It got a great response with lots of videos submitted. The children of Piercestown are not only extremely active but also extremely brave! There was a variety of activites from climbing hay bales, to rolling down hills, obstacle courses on the farm (fully supervised), bombing into water pools as well as running, hopping, skipping, bouncing, balancing and so much more!

It showed the creativity of all of the families in utilising their gardens, balancing on kerbs, zig zagging through heather plants, climbing gates and ditches, pulling wheelie bins, and scaling the outside of trampolines!

But as it was a competition there has to be winners. Due to the large effort by all ages groups we decided to offer four categories; one from Junior and Senior infants; one from 1st and 2nd class; one from 3rd and 4th class and one from 5th and 6th class………

So, click on the drum roll please………as our winners are announced:

Junior and Senior Infants Category:

Congratulations to Saoirse Field in Junior Infants – who completed a very busy and creative Obstacle Course at great speed!!!!!!! We loved how she utilised all of the items in her garden and brought in her hurling skill towards the end. Well done Saoirse. A €10 Smyths voucher will be on the way to you by Friday.

1st and 2nd Class Category:

There was again tough competition in the 1st and 2nd class category but for her innovation in bringing some puzzles into the activity and donning her red cape, the winner is Lily Hayes in 2nd class. Take a bow Lily. A €10 Smyths voucher will be on the way to you by Friday.

3rd and 4th Class Category:

Again, there was very little to distinguish between our participants in this category, but for the creativity in using as many items as possible around the garden and household, from sweeping brushes, to garden hoses, wheelie bins to heather plants, our winner is Estelle Gooden in 3rd class. Well done Estelle.

5th and 6th Class Category:

For innovation, creativity and bravery (and I am assured safety guidelines were in place) the winner of this category for their ‘Obstacle Course on the Farm’ goes to siblings Sarah and Kevin O’Mahony in 5th and 6th class and so there is peace and harmony in the household, a little bit like the ‘late Late Show’ we will give a €10 Smyth’s voucher to each other them. Well done Sarah and Kevin, it was a nerve racking watch but worthy of a prize!!

Finally, no competition is ever complete without a ‘Creative’ award. This final award goes to Fionn Doyle in Senior Infants for his creative costume during the ‘Obstacle Course’ and the family participation along with his dance moves! Well done Fionn, a €10 Smyth’s voucher will make its way to you soon.

A huge thanks to all of the parents who facilitated this event. We understand the children cannot take part without your support, excellent camera work and sideline commentary!!! Well done and thank you!

Final word of thanks goes to Miss Farrell for her Steven Spielberg involvement in putting the video together. So for today, sit back and relax and enjoy the show! Pull out the popcorn for this video as it is over 20 minutes long. Enjoy the show and we will be back tomorrow with our final Fun Friday (Well Being Day) of the year for 2020!

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