Happy Friday, Happy June Bank Holiday weekend

Hello everyone, we hope you all have the Friday feeling after the beautiful weather yesterday. We hope the ‘Class of 2020’ managed to mark their ‘COVID-19 Confirmation Date’ in some special way.

Well done to our 6th class children who will complete their ‘Transition Programme from Primary to Secondary School’ this morning – we hope they all have at least ‘two top tips’ gathered from the three sessions.

All families will receive an update from us today via email on a slight change to school work for the remaining few weeks. We hope that it lightens your load and helps the children as they reach their final month of the school year. This will go down as a year to remember for many, many reasons. You and your children should be proud of getting through the last few months, we as a school are VERY proud of you. We can’t wait until we are all back together and we regroup after such a life changing event!

For today, as we enjoy the beautiful weather, why not take a few minutes to encourage your child to be ‘Mindful’.

Loving Kindness Meditation – be in the moment

Or your child might simply enjoy this activity :

Draw what you love!

Ask your child to draw some of the people/places/things that they love. 

Talk to them about what makes them love them so much? Encourage your child to tell those people how much they love them today. 

Use this simple template or any blank piece of paper will do.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and as always, if you wish to share any photos with us from your weekend do not hesitate to send them into principal@piercestownns.com and I will share them on our school blog.

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