Happy Friday…..

And in the blink of an eye it’s ‘Friyay’ again! It is simply hard to believe that we are moving into the last week of May. I hope you all had a good week this week and managed to balance the life work challenge that faces us all.

This weekend would be the start of the exciting build up for one class in particular, that of 6th class, as their Confirmation date was planned for this Thursday 28th May! With the ‘testing week’ over, we would have been facing into a week of rehearsals, choir practice and even school tour season was due to kick off! But alas, all is postponed. All we can do is remain positive in our mindset and steadfast in the certainty, that as a country we are saving lives and keeping a virus at bay.

In our efforts to keep 6th class distracted and remind them that they ARE our ‘Class of 2020’ and will not be forgotten, we will begin their ‘Transition Programme’ to secondary school this week on Zoom. New beginnings are on the horizon and remember when the storm passes, an exciting new venture lies ahead.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend boys and girls. Don’t forget to email in your Active Week record sheets by this Fri May 29th and your Active Week Certificate 2020 will be emailed out to you. Try and relax over the weekend and we will be back on Monday to connect with you all again. We miss you very much and congratulate you and your families for getting through each and every day.

Here is a throw back to SNAG 2020 with 1st class giving a rendition of ‘Babaí Siorc’ – enjoy!

Here is a throw back to keeping the ‘DREAMM’ alive singing ‘Fáilte Isteach’ by Wexford composer Sue Furlong, (who passed away in 2018), shortly before we closed our school doors.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Be kind and be safe! Chat soon, Ms. Walsh

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