Monday 18th May ….time rolls on ….

Morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and got some time to get a break from work and homeschooling. Today marks, phase 1 of the re-opening of our country amidst the recent pandemic. The main message is for the majority of us to still remain at home. Fingers crossed, as the weeks progess, that a ‘new normal’ is on the horizon for us, where restrictions are eased and we can begin to return to some more human interaction.

Well done to our Holy Communion class on marking their ‘special day’ over the weekend. Special thanks to Fr. O’Reilly for the lovely words at mass yesterday for all those who managed to tune in on the webcam. We look forward to planning for your next special date when we return to school after the summer.

Here is WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPENING THIS WEEK at Piercestown National School …….

This week should have been our standardised testing week in school for all classes from 1st to 6th class, but obviously there are no tests taking place this year as a result of the pandemic. Don’t fear though! School reports will be still be issued before the end of this school year and while they will be slightly different to previous years, we hope they will give you a good account of how your child/children progressed through the school year 2019-2020 up until school closure on March 12th. You will receive information from us in June with regard to school reports.

For those of you who are looking for some extra work for the next few days, the links and activities are as follows:

Book Dominoes Activity – here is one for ALL ages, as younger children can be helped by older brothers and sitsters/ parents and older children can give this one a go by themselves.

To access this activity, click on the download button and the page should appear for you*. The instructions are as follows just in case it won’t open:

What you need: at least 10 books

Gather a selection of books from your own book shelf, your school bag, family members.

Place all the books cover face down.

Take the book on the top pile and place it down face up.

Pick the next book. Try to find a reason for it to be connected, maybe it is an illustration on the cover, maybe something in the title that connects them, maybe it is the colour of the book, the author or illustrator.

If you can’t find a connection with the next book, set it to the side and try again later. Remember, when you have two books down your third book could go on either side of the two books.

Try to be as creative as you can.

Why not take a picture and send it into, and we can see if we can figure out your connections from your photograph?!!!

And our links focussing on literacy for the next few days are as follows:

Junior and senior infants – revise your sounds and phonics with this fun interactive website

1st class give your spelling a go with this fun link:

1st / 2nd class why not try these word searches for fun:

3rd/4th class – give these spelling a go for fun:

5th/ 6th class explore the intricites of writing as a journalist with this link

Have a lovely day everyone and keep any photos coming in to stay connected when we are apart! Keep up the great work. Kind regards, Ms. Walsh

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