Happy Monday everyone – May 11th

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine that Saturday brought! It is 2 months tomorrow since we shut our doors so suddenly. Little did we know that we would not re-open them for the remainder of the school year.

I want to give a very special shout out to one group in particular this week, that of Mrs. Corrigan and her 2nd class boys and girls. This week in school would have been one of great excitement, practice, rehearsal, video shoots and preparation. But above all, a week of building special memories. 2nd class you have been brilliant in your continued preparation during our school closure when we had no certainty with regard to school re-opening or remaining closed. You continue to follow Mrs. Corrigan’s work and participated in Fr. O’Reilly’s Holy Thursday ‘Do this in Memory’ mass via the webcam. Your commitment and hard work is to be commended. We are thinking of you all this week and especially as we get closer to Saturday. But remember, by staying at home you are saving lives. Our special day has unfortunately been postponed but upon our return to school we will finish the excellent work that you had started and celebrate your special day, like never before. Boys and girls, it will be worth waiting for. Myself and Mrs. Corrigan continue to liaise with Fr. O’Reilly re: a new date and as soon as a date can be confirmed we will be in touch with your families. For this week, try to not be too disappointed.

Early finishers suggestions for this week are as follows:

Some links to keep us going :

Junior and Senior infants- Read along with/or listen to the story of ‘Hairy McClairy from Donaldson’s Dairy’


1st and 2nd class links – Over the course of the week, listen to some of ‘Aesop’s Fables’ being read to. Talk to your family about the story at the end, What do you think it is teaching us?!


3rd to 6th class links – Listen to News2day and write a summary of what you heard https://trte.rte.ie/news2day/

Activity for all – Following on from the success of the art using recycled Milk cartons last week, we are bringing the 30 Day Art/ DT challenge out again and allowing you to pick ANY activity you want.

Don’t forget to send us your creations to principal@piercestownns.com

Check out ther brilliant art creations from last weeks blog! Well done to Chloe and Emily for this sharing this with us!

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