Tuesday 31st March

If you didnt get to tune into the RTE Classroom Hub yesterday, it is well worth a watch. Yesterday, involved map work for the younger children, 2-D, 3 -D shapes and symmetry for the middle end of the school and beautifully spoken Gaeilge for the senior end, all topped off with a bit of Science!

If you missed yesterday why not log into the RTE player to catch up and to access some of the materials or upload some work click into this link: https://www.rte.ie/learn/

Other celebrities are offering free ‘learning’ during these unprecedented times and some of these may be of interest to members of your family over the coming weeks:

Our activity for today, takes inspiration from the Maths class on RTE yesterday.

Junior Activity

Maths all around me at home . Find some 3D shapes in your home.

Senior Activity – we stick with the topic of Maths and this time send the senior end of the school on a ‘Scavenger Weight Hunt’

This works like so:

Maths Games- Weight

In your kitchen, look for as many ingredients that you can find that have grams (g) or kilograms (kg) and take them out of the press- (take a picture with yourself and the ingredients as proofJ)

  1. Order them from lightest to heaviest
  2. On the worksheet provided rename 5-6 items, for example if a bag of flour is 2kg you will rename it to 2000g or if something is 250g you will rename it to 0.250kg
  3. Add up all your items what is the total weight?
  4. What is the average weight of the ingredients you found in the kitchen?
  5. Multiply the heaviest item by the lightest item.
  6. Divide the lightest item into the heaviest item

Our links for today are light hearted and get us moving

Junior Link

Coco the Butterfly Cosmic Yoga


Senior Link – get your dance on again! Raining Tacos!

and do some more dance moves


Have a good day and see you tomorrow as we move into a new month!

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