And it’s back to Monday morning!

Calling all 1st – 6th class children who watch TV?!!!!

Today, RTE are beginning their ‘classroom teaching’ for the first day. This is aimed at children from 1st to 6th class. Why not try this out today. Us teachers are dying to see it in action too!

The Department of Education are supporting the new initiative along with RTÉ in order to help primary school children continue their learning from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Start date: The one hour programmes will start from Monday the 30th of March 2020 and they’ll run for 1 hour between 11am – 12pm, Monday to Friday. If you miss it, it can be accessed at anytime on the RTE player.

In addition to the pogramme, there will be a shorter catch up programme that will air in the afternoon time at 4.15pm. RTE Home School Extra is an opportunity

Teachers will be presenting each lesson from a school classroom.

The new programme will be made available on the RTÉ Player. On you will be able to access supporting worksheets and other learning material.

Junior Activity – Shadow drawing

Hopefully the sun will shine today, why not take some of your toys outside and give some shadow drawing a go…..just like this

Senior Activity – choose on activty from the grid to complete

Senior Link – Bí ag caint as gaeilge – Is fearr Gaeilge briste na Béarla Cliste – (Broken Irish is better than clever English!)

Why not revise some Gaeilge today using

Junior Link

Read along or listen to the story ‘The Whale that ate Everything!

Have a lovely day everyone and as always, if you want to share send something on to

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